Monday, October 8, 2012

miller is 8 months old.

oh happy month-day miller!! :)

what a silly girl you are.

we'll start with stats :)

i dont know how tall she is since her last visit, but we *did* have a weight check.


she went from 12lbs 10oz 4 weeks ago to... 15 POUNDS!! hahaha what a fatty.

miller 8 months2

so here's what we did.

I would BF her. and then she'd get a small bottle of formula (not after every feeding, just once in a while) with flax seed oil in it. then, she'd eat her finger foods with coconut oil. thats it! haha


BFing is still awesome. i started drinking a shitton more water (i swear some days that ill drown) and then also a few fenugreek a day. ta-da! im so proud of my little grower!

she wears 6months clothes. some 6-9 now fit comfortably - a bit big, but still wearable.


playing with her sisters is numero uno. they make her laugh so much.
2012-10-08_006 2012-10-08_009 2012-10-08_012

even if it looks like she and reese are frenemies ;) haha

the 4 of them in the pic up there ^^^ was them trying to help her crawl.

annnnnnd miller is def on the move. she army crawls (ive never had a kid do this) and is super fast now. so long for my sweet baby under a playmat, right?! haha

she sleeps alright. still wakes up once, but oh well - im used to it now so its really no big deal. she usually takes 1 big nap and then falls asleep on me in the evenings for about 30mins. which i adore bc i have not had a baby who still just... cuddles... at this age. so its so swoon-worthy.

her fave place to be is like a spider monkey ON me when we are doing things.

i mean look at that sweet face.
miller 8 months7

happy 8 months to you, sweet girl. you babble, you crawl, you eat everything we do. you laugh so much and smile at everyone. im a lucky mom.

2012-10-08_011 2012-10-08_008 miller 8 months1


  1. Hi there! Love the photos... Miller is beautiful! What kind of carrier do you use? She looks comfy!

    1. hey!! thats a babyhawk mei tei wrap!! i adore it!! :)