Friday, October 26, 2012

pumpkin patch 2012.

also known as "fall part 2", i guess ;)

tonight we went to the pumpkin patch!! so much fun.

aidan and sawyer had a blast feeding the animals.

reese stayed with EJ the entire time.

miller did have socks on (adorable ones that look like shoes), but now i have to search the stroller bc i dont know where they went lol

sawyer did not like the hay bale maze (at first).

i finally got in a pic or 2.

these are barely edited - just for white balance and such. i wanted to get them up! haha

2012-10-26_008 2012-10-26_009 2012-10-26_014 2012 pumpkin patch7 2012 pumpkin patch9 2012-10-26_010 2012 pumpkin patch10 2012 pumpkin patch11 2012 pumpkin patch12 2012-10-26_011 2012-10-26_012 2012-10-26_013 2012 pumpkin patch23 2012-10-26_015 2012 pumpkin patch20 2012-10-26_016 2012 pumpkin patch26 2012 pumpkin patch27 2012 pumpkin patch28 2012 pumpkin patch29

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