Sunday, December 2, 2012

almost there.

ive said before that everything is a few steps forward and then a few steps back. its a cycle that we can't get out of. every time we think we'll go home... reese gets a fever and cultures are done. ooooor she gets dehydrated and we need fluids and then her sodiums go batshit and we need a day to get them back in line.

but today... 

oncology was like "i have an outrageous idea. you could take her home today."

i just stared at them for a min. my mind was racing. "no. tomorrow. i have to do it tomorrow."

inside, confetti was coming out of heart, but my head knew that i needed to plan. 

maybe you need 4 kids to understand 100%, but there's a lot of ducks to put into rows for bringing reese home. and while i can get everything *almost* ready, i need to have an exact date on when she was going to be here. 

so the plan is tomorrow. they took her off of the monitors today. 

That monitor is OFF :) #gingerfight #reesey come home!! #prayersforreesey work!!

aidan and sawyer came up.(pics from today and also friday night) 
#gingerfight best faces ever :) #reesey #prayersforreesey  #sistersarethebestmedicine

#gingerfight #prayersforreesey #reesey #sistersarethebestmedicine

we played in the play room. which was fun -- reese likes all of the baby stuff a lot. she "gets" the toddler stuff, but the baby stuff is so OT/PT easy for her - that it still makes her giggle.

#playroom #physicaltherapy #reesey #sistersarethebestmedicine #gingerfight

i was with her last night and played around with my new 100L. it needs to be microcalibrated and i dont know what im doing with it yet, but whatever. haha

2012-12-02_003 2012-12-02_004

we had a good night last night/good morning -- good sodiums, good HR, good BP, all of it... 

2012-12-02_001 2012-12-02_002
#gingerfight #reesey #prayersforreesey #sleepygirl #cuddletime #dbj
2012-12-02_007 2012-12-02_008 2012-12-02_009 2012-12-02_006

but no matter how i desperately want her home - i am scared. i am scared that we'll be going to the ER or rushing down to children's for a fever. or dehydration. or peeing out. or pain. or a hundred other things that could be wrong. but thats okay - i will pray that we dont have to deal with those things too often and have faith that our #gingerfight warriors are doing the same. 

this is a short update, but lets just hope that i have a really freaking awesome one tomorrow, right? (dallas children's parade pics coming soon!) .... and some pics of miller. it breaks my heart that she cant really come to the hospital, but there's just so much going on up there... and since reese was on isolation for so long (basically has been off of it maybe 3 days in the past few weeks), we couldnt risk miller catching it.


  1. i'm so happy that y'all get to take your dear sweet girl home soon. big hugs.

  2. Celebrating a step forward and continuing to pray for more to come!

  3. Praying that you get to take your sweet girl home tomorrow. Praying for continued strength for Reesey, for you, and for your husband. Praying!!!

  4. Prayers for you for a successful transition home tomorrow!!! Great news. ♥ from Minnesota

  5. A plan is good, believe in your plan it will help guide you and keep you as calm as you can be given the circumstances. Continued prayers are coming from MI.

  6. Happy Happy days ahead with your whole family under one roof. Take each day or moment as it comes, you will
    do great. May God continue to bless Reesey and your whole family. Will keep you all in my prayers.

  7. :) :) :) This is fantastic! Praising God! :)

  8. YEAH!!! I am so very happy for this update :) I know how stressful it must all feel but I truly believe in the power of healing that will come with her being home surrounded by everyone :) Will continue to keep you in my prayers... Wishing you an even better day today :) and lots more to come!!!
    Bobbie (photographer mom!!)

  9. Wonderful! I love that you took the extra day to get everything ready. Of course you want her home, but the reality of what that is going to look like now needed some extra thought. Good for you. :)

  10. So glad that she is off the monitors and on her way to coming home. Keep fighting!!

  11. I am a new follower and wanted to let you know that I'm joining the tons of others out there who are praying for your little girl. Although you're nervous, I am happy that you get Reese at home with everyone else.