Saturday, December 29, 2012

gameroom lens trials.

this post will either interest you or bore you to tears lol

it has pics of the kids, though!

EJ is at the hospital with reese all day (hopefully they come home tonight - we are waiting on her to pee out and then give a diff dosage of ddavp... blah blah... i just want them to come home!!)

i have a tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens that i love. looooveeee. at least i did.

when i went full frame, i wasnt able to use this lens anymore bc its "only for crop frame bodies". ive been wanting to sell it, but then the version II came out and so my version (even though i just got it in march) dropped in price. lame.

a friend of mine told me that i could use it for a ultra wide at the 16mm mark. just as a prime. i googled to make sure it wouldnt somehow mess up my camera - and it seems a lot of people do this.

so today, while with ASM in the gameroom, i decided to play a bit.

as you can see - sawyer was in a cranky mood lol

anyway, im pleased, actually. its fun - and while not something id need to use very often, meh, its neat to have around. cons: it does vignette a bit, but i was able to crop out most of that. so thats not a huge issue.

tokina on full frame1 tokina on full frame2 tokina on full frame3

tokina on full frame4

tokina on full frame5 tokina on full frame6
tokina on full frame7

tokina on full frame8

then we hit up bathtime ;)

tokina on full frame9


  1. I'm not a photog but I love you and looking at your precious kids!! I'm serious about a wine date some time! ;)