Wednesday, December 26, 2012

merry christmas catch-up.

i am a creature of habit. i dont get twitchy when i buy a new brand of cell phone, id rather take the longer way to a location bc thats what ive always done, i am over the top about traditions.

this was the first year for any kid that i didnt get to wake them up by singing happy birthday. nor did i get to take aidan out for her 6 year old photos [yet]. nor did i get to take "OMG YOURE SIX RIGHT NOW!!" photos of her waking up that day. 

and it makes me sad. 

i havent written a blog post for miller for 9 or 10 months. which is hard bc my blog is basically her baby book. i had grand plans of printing it all out and such, but now there's no point. 

none of this matters, of course, in the grand scheme of things. but i guess, just to say, that not only do big things suck, but sometimes they make tiny things suck, too - that for a person like me... sigh... 

so i want to go back and do a few things -- just a regular ol' blog post of "whats been up" that ive missed a bit. 

we left the hospital on friday :) .....after surgery on tuesday. what a stud, right? 

upload "Are you seriously taking a pic while I eat?" #gingerfight #reesey
Dressed to go home!! #homeiswherethehealthis #gingerfight #reesey #rainbowscar #sistersarethebestmedicine

reese goes back for chemo on thurs morning [in-patient] - so i'll be there til saturday, i think, while EJ works. 

the past few days with reese have been... interesting, to say the least lol we have had to wean her from dexamethasone and ::holyshit:: she was HULK SMASH REESE. for sunday and monday. her, what we assume, 'roid rage was horrible. she would scream for 30 mins because we didnt understand what she wanted. or bc she wanted to do xyz and we couldnt. or because the sky was blue. and i dont mean "ohhh cmon, 2 year olds scream bc of that". i mean, she has almost no voice today. we took her in on sunday night to the ER to make sure there wasnt something wrong. she didnt sleep. only screams. but pain meds didnt help - and honestly, i knew it wasnt pain bc it wasnt random spurts of not being able to be settled. when she was settled, it was ::poof:: over it. then she'd be like "mommyyy!!!" all happy. //crazy. she has been on dex several times, so honestly, i dont know what happened. but we swapped over to just the stress dose of her hydrocortisone and the day was simply dreamy. 

christmas break1 2012-12-26_002

She won't let me have the garlic bread back lol kill me #reesey #homeiswherethehealthis #gingerfight Cinnamon rolls and sisters #millerpaige #reesey #sistersarethebestmedicine
Could be an all-time fave of mine #millerpaige #reesey #sistersarethebestmedicine #gingerfight

Someone's pooped. #reesey #gingerfight

miller was happy reese is home ;) she let loose with some ziti haha


A and S at the dr for aidan :) and PJ'd miller.

#aidkaid and #sawyergrace at carenow for Aidan's throat. Booooo #millerpaige in 12 month pjs?!? Howwww? #sadface
#aidkaid and #sawyergrace sitting with #reesey for the first time in a long time at the table #sistersarethebestmedicine #homeiswherethehealthis #gingerfight

now let me go back --- the first wkend of december, aidan was a part of the children's dallas christmas parade with her dance studio. its a huge deal bc the parade is so freakin' big. 

anyway, the night before, sawyer, aidan, and i stayed at the omni downtown :) it was a fun girls night and fun for the kids to play with their friends. 

2012-12-26_016 parade day1 parade day2 parade day7 2012-12-26_013 parade day6

aidan dancing with the group :)


and they rocked their #gingerfight shirts!!!! 

2012-12-26_015 reese shirt-1small

then there was christmas ::eek!!:: 

#sawyergrace #aidkaid #reindeerfood Just thinking about #christmas #reesey #homeiswherethehealthis #hohoho
#ponytail #christmas #reesey #ironicshirt #millerpaige #firstchristmas #happiestbabyever

we made cookies for santa. 
2012-12-26_003 christmas break17 2012-12-26_004 christmas break25

I could NOT figure out what #reesey was screaming about. Then I did. #hohoho #yourenotsantakiddo

christmas break14 christmas break26

sawyer and aidan asked santa for one thing each -- aidan: a doc mcstuffins dr kit. and sawyer: a new dvd player. she broke her last one lol

2012-12-26_007 2012-12-26_008 2012-12-26_009 2012-12-26_0052012-12-26_006 2012-12-26_010

and it was a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! only aidan and sawyer went out - and only for a few mins haha we were not prepared ;)

2012-12-26_011 christmas break47

and the rest of the day was fabulous :) my parents, bros, sil, niece all came over -- we ate and had fun. then the skelte 6 just hung out the rest of the evening.

christmas break37 2012-12-26_012 christmas break50 christmas break52 christmas break53

#barbies4lyfe #aidkaid #sawyergrace

#reesey in her new pjs from @nicoleberg11 :))) #christmas was fab!! Ok ok ONE more of #reesey for the night <3 #gingerfight and merry #christmas :)))

and today, back to normal routine... a bit. 

#sawyergrace got new #makeup for #christmas #collegegirlat4 #wheresmycrown #painting #readyfornap #tatersaladforbreakfast #christmasbreak #sistersarethebestmedicine #homeiswherethehealthis

but i guess, in the end, i should say that this normal is okay. things change and i have to roll with it. no one is going to be on my case in a few years bc miller's e-babybook isnt up to par for my own personal standards. aidan will never say "hey, where's my 6 year old HB song vid?!" and if she does -- i will explain. life right now is a roller coaster, but at least we're all on board. 

i hope everyone had a very merry christmas. :) new chemo starts tomorrow. prayers wanted. 


  1. Write a joint 9 & 10 months for Miller now. Mention why there is only one. This is part of her story too for now. One day it will be only a footnote, but for now it is what she is living, which is what her baby book is about. Don't not print it because of that.

    Sending love.

    1. I completely agree - just because you didn't do her months "on time" doesn't mean you can't do them now! I'm sure the info is still plenty fresh in your mind to do them now.

      You and EJ are doing an amazing job, the absolute best you can right now given everything that is going on in your lives, so don't beat yourself up over little things that slip. Much love to your family.

  2. You are doing such an amazing job with the cars you've been dealt. I don't think I could handle what you are going through half as well. You are doing great. Merry Christmas!

  3. You are doing such an amazing job with the cars you've been dealt. I don't think I could handle what you are going through half as well. You are doing great. Merry Christmas!

  4. Amanda, I can't even begin to tell you how much I admire you. I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have been able to do this with any sort of keeping it together.

    Much love in the New Year to you all.

  5. Praying chemo goes well! You are doing an amazing job of keeping it all together. I don't know how you do it?! And you are correct, at least you are ALL on this roller coaster together.....that's what really matters! So glad you all had a good Christmas! Lots of love and prayers!

  6. Love all the pictures it's easy to beat ourselves up when we think we aren't doing a great job. I haven't kept up on my monthly posts for my baby and don't even have a good excuse. There are times when one child requires more attention than the others and I agree with previous comments this will be a blip in their lives someday. Will be praying for your family.

  7. You don't know me, but is there anything I can do for you and your family? A card? A gift? a baby doll? Something?

  8. I have been following you an dyour family for a while now, I think I discovered you when you were pregnant with Sawyer on the Bump as my son was born about 2 months before. You and your family have an amazing spirit and tenacity. My prayers go out to all of you and little miss Reece!

  9. Wow, your amazing. I started reading about Reese through Kelly M. I pray daily for your family that God gives you continued strength through this most difficult journey. We're in Carrollton but have family & friends all over who are praying for your sweet little warrior princess.