Thursday, January 17, 2013

a simple nap.

this has been a good week.

reese has an MRI on tuesday to see if her tumor has grown.

i feel like the bottom may drop out on us. it makes me sick to my stomach every time i think about "what if..."

i don't know what would be next.

i, of course, am not an oncologist. so its not my job to figure out what we'd do. its not my job to decipher what chemos would work.

so all i can do is enjoy every single moment with happy reese. she is so funny. such a jokester. sawyer taught her how to smell her own feet and then say "ewwww stinky!!" and it has me rolling every time. she loves to rub her [now, almost bald] head. her hair has been just flying out since we cut it. but she couldn't care less. she begs for miller to sit on her lap. they are just the best of friends. it brightens my day when i see how excited reese gets to see her. reese loves to pick up aidan and sawyer and does a little happy dance when we pull in to their respective schools.

she loves being home. and i can't blame her.

we had more of a "routine" this week. school, dance, chemo [yeah, new routine, i guess], target, we had her PT eval, playing with friends... just all around nice.

@keels1218 and David are here! They brought games and food!! #homeiswherethehealthis #bathtime with #aidkaid #sawyergrace #millerpaige  #howtowastetimetilbed Me and #reesey waiting for #dance to end. #reeselookslikeanoldman #reesey showing off her #haircut losing more everyday :( #target with #reesey :))) #sawyergrace is in a #badmood lol #gotobedkid Someone loves her sister ❤ #reesey #millerpaige Where the heck do you think you 2 are going? @lilydenver  #millerpaige Poop-splosion in her highchair. Omg hurl #gotobedkid #millerpaige Such a #toddler now  #millerpaige

but the other day, she was laying in bed with me and she fell asleep. i only had a few mins before i had to wake her up to pick up sawyer from school. she looks so pretty without her hair. and i want to smooch her big lips.

2013-01-17_002 2013-01-17_005 2013-01-17_006 2013-01-17_007 2013-01-17_003 2013-01-17_001 2013-01-17_004


  1. Ah! I can't get enough of the little feet pictures! I loved all the pictures though. <3 Reese looks amazing, like not even sick.

  2. Amazing pictures! You have four beautiful children! I am praying for sweet Reese every day and praying for the 22nd!!!

  3. amazing. you are such an amazing mama.

  4. I love the pictures of Reesey in your bed! Praying for great news on Tuesday.

  5. praying for great news Tuesday

  6. She's so gorgeous. Hope everything goes well on Tuesday!

  7. these pictures are amazing. so beautiful. crossing my fingers for you guys on tuesday!

  8. Bless her. She is a beautiful girl. I have never left a comment, but I have visited here since I read about Reese's fight. I have been keeping you and her and your lovely family in my thoughts. I wish you all good things on Tuesday.

  9. Her head is healing so beautifully. And she's just perfect without hair.

    Prayers for Tuesday's news. I know it'll be good. I just know it.

  10. Reese's fuzzy little head makes me want to smooch her. A thousand good thoughts for Tuesday.

  11. love this!! she is such a beautiful little girl. praying all goes well Tuesday!

  12. I have been praying all went well yesterday. Your pictures, family and fight are beyond words! Hope all is well and my prayers continue for all of you.