Monday, January 7, 2013

aidan turned 6.

my sweet oldest girl.

i dont know how to even explain, in writing, how caring and amazing she is. she loves unconditionally. she cares for her sisters without complaint - and is eager to help in any way that she can.

she wants to know whats going on with reese. she wants to go to dr appts. she wants to, just, be there. and i know reese is grateful for that when i see how happy she is when aidan is around.

i didnt get to wake aidan up with a birthday song. i didnt get to take those first "omg youre 6!!!" pics upon waking up. reese had her resection the day before aidan's birthday - but nonny and papa sure did a wonderful job of making aidan's birthday special.

last night, i took aidan out for photos. i wanted to capture her spirit. her silliness. her hilarious faces. she is one in a million and im lucky to have her as my first born. my sweetheart. my friend.

watching her grow up has been, simply, a delight. watching her turn into the smart little love that she is, warms my heart.

she can read. she is creative. she is an amazing dancer. she excels at everything she does.

my aidan kincaid. happy [belated] birthday. i love you.

aidan is 6wm1 aidan is 6wm17

aidan is 6wm4
aidan is 6wm13 2013-01-07_010 aidan is 6wm2 2013-01-07_014 2013-01-07_013 2013-01-07_011 aidan is 6wm3 2013-01-07_009 2013-01-07_008 2013-01-07_012 2013-01-07_007 aidan is 6wm7 aidan is 6wm15


  1. What a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday to your first baby :)

  2. What a beautiful girl, and spectacular photos! Do you mind telling us what lens used for this shoot? Thanks!!

  3. hi there...i have literally never commented on anyone's blog fact, this whole blogging thing is new to me, and i've even been pretty amazed lately at what is "out there" in the blogosphere (and not the good kind of amazement :-) however, i have felt led for a while now to comment on your blog, just to let you know that even though i'm a stranger to you, i feel honored to be part of this journey you are on with your family and daughter Reese. oddly, i think we actually do have a crazy "6 degrees of separation" kind of thing between us, in that i had a best-buddy next-door neighbor back in the '60s named nancy bartley (now nancy catlow), who i have only recently reconnected with via FB....and some weeks after i started following your blog, i noticed a status update on her FB page referring to your family...i'm thinking maybe she's a friend of one of your relatives? anyway, small world, and getting smaller. all i want to say is, as blogs go, i find yours one of the few that i am drawn to in a good way (as opposed to the train wreck way). your attitude and perspective during what must be an incredibly difficult time is inspiring. you don't sugar don't are just REAL and honest. every time i read a post, i think to myself, "i really should tell her how much i appreciate her and her blog" i guess i'm finally doing that. so...thank you....just for being a blogger who, in my mind, gets it right. oh, and i love your photography. i am a obsessive picture-taker myself, and your photos are delightful. i will finish up by saying that i am a christ-follower, and have been praying for your family and your daughter as you travel this scary road. i don't understand why you have to be on that road. but i can and will continue to pray. God bless your family!

  4. LOVE the pictures! Beautiful family. Still praying for you all regularly.