Tuesday, January 29, 2013

chemo and competition.

after the good MRI news of last week, we went back into chemo on thursday. they are such long days. you go in, you wait.... you see a nurse, then wait... see the oncologist, wait some more.... then you wait for a room.

it was taking so long that we finally just went to hang out and watch a movie in the infusion room instead of sitting in a clinic room. we watched cars, she napped. i played on facebook while she slept. finally, we went to the oncology floor.

after that was more hanging out. all day.... all night... chemo, mesna (to help with the bladder), lots of fluids...

EJ came on friday and brought donut holes. which she hasnt had in weeks bc we cut out that excessive sugar, but hell, she deserves it. she was elated.
2013-01-29_003 2013-01-29_005 2013-01-29_006 2013-01-29_002 2013-01-29_004 2013-01-29_001
she puked. several times. in fact, she is still puking when she hasnt taken zofran. tonight she puked in the car. last night, we heard that horrible wretching from the couch and took off like lightning towards the bedroom, tossing laylees around so they wouldnt get vomited on. maybe its the viruses going around... maybe its the chemo. but it sucks.

her ddavp is so strange right now --- we're at 1 unit. [if you remember, we started at 5 units. then after the first chemo went down to 2.5. a few days before this chemo we were down to 2 units]. and the 1 unit is lasting too long. bc of the puking, i assume, she only "pees out" (which isnt even as much as it was, but at least she hits negative for output) 1x a day. not every 12 hours.

we went in sunday morning to children's legacy for a sodium check and, we assumed, fluids. but her sodiums were 144. which is perfectly fine. so they just came home...

she is acting normal, she is happy.

tonight, someone actually said to me "how old is she?" "oh, 2.5" "well she is a great talker!!"

what?! haha i retorted back "well, since december, she has been!" and explained how the 2nd resection seemed to have lifted something off that part of her brain. but never did i think someone would be impressed with her tiny little voice that only i thought made sense.

yesterday we had PT. that was fun. she showed her how she scoots on her booty ;) tomorrow we have our OT eval. then thursday, back in for vincristine at 10am. then, i believe, we do not have chemo for a few weeks. we'll have to postpone miller's bday party by a week bc the wkend we would have it, reese's counts would be too low, but the next weekend, before another in-patient, they'll be perfect.

Finally taking a nap. Room not ready yet #reesey #chemointumorout #gotobedkid #gingerfight Finally got a room #reesey #gingerfight #hairschmair #reesey #gingerfight #chemointumorout just hanging out during chemo! Good morning :) #smooch #reesey #chemointumorout  #gingerfight #facetime with #reesey and the hubs lol #chemointumorout #gingerfight #wemakeourselveslaugh

this wkend was also aidan's FIRST EVER dance competition. omg. it was so much fun. i cant even EXPLAIN to you how exciting it was for her (and for me. oh yes and for me haha). we spent the night at a hotel on friday night, hung out, went to dinner, then went to bed EARLY (best sleep i have gotten since october...) and then up at 6:30am to get ready for a long day.
sleeping baby1
she had convention classes starting at 8am. hip hop, tap, contemp, and jazz. that was til 2pm and then competition started at 3:30pm.

she stole my heart. just.... swoon. she did so good. i mean, did she make mistakes? of course. did she keep on going? yes. did she smile the whole time? haha no, she had on a thinking face (we'll work on that lol). did she have some 'tude when she needed it? oh yes. were the other "mini" teams all 8 year olds? haha yes. but were the people around me just swooning over the 5-6 yo cuteness? heck yes lol

and she learned so much -- she came home and had a million things that she couldnt wait to do next time. couldnt wait to try out --- things that she told me "thats what the winners did".  and i am more than excited for their next competition on march. i cant wait to see what these kids can do from here on out. their dance is hard. its fast. its something that challenges them - and im lucky to have a studio that does that for my baby.

#competitionisthisweekend #dancemom packing the car! Too much stuff. Lordy. #aidkaid and I are already in our hotel bed #aidkaid #babyhairs #competitionisthisweekend Mexican with my baby!!! #competitionisthisweekend #dancemom ready for master classes!!! #aidkaid #aidkaid @mamafish5 #competitionisthisweekend #competitionisthisweekend #aidkaid #dancemom #competitionisthisweekend #dancemom #aidkaid Getting ready #aidkaid #dancemom

we werent allowed cameras or video in any of the classes or the competition so IG is all i have :) but its better than nothing. what a weekend for my sweet girl.

here are some extra IGs from the past few days!!

Foggy morning photo op? Yes. @lilydenver #sawyergrace #lilybleu Someone missed me  #reesey #chevronscar #reesey having a good night :) #gingerfight #gotobedkid #pttime trying to get up on knees!! #reesey #gingerfight Life. Complete. #erincondren #organized2013 Lolol #aidkaid and #sawyergrace earrings  they are gonna freak haha Scottie dog dress lol @lilydenver Mall to get Aidan earrings :) #millerpaige #reesey


  1. reesey looks so adorable with her baby head! :-) i love it! and man, i wish *i* could have been at that dance competition! lol it sounds like soooo much fun! still thinking and praying for you all! you do such an amazing job of having fun with your family despite your "new normal." xoxo

  2. I want to party with the Skeltes. I mean, even with all the craziness and struggles y'all are facing, I see 4 kids that are beyond loved and taught to live life to its fullest. And, I don't even "know" you! Your family is always in the back of my mind, and, through your blog, I am reminded to cherish all the precious moments in life.

  3. I love that Reese can be going through so much and still get excited about donut holes! :) I do a dance too when I get to eat donuts!! lol She looks so good in the pictures! I'm sorry that she has been sick. I can't even imagine how hard it is to see her dealing with all of this. Your strength is truly amazing, and I love that through it all, you maintain some sense of a "normal" life. I will be praying for ALL of you!

  4. I love the faces Reesey makes!! <3 And Aidan looks sooo pretty! Glad you had fun and that Reesey is great!

  5. I absolutely LOVE that last picture with Reese's arm around Miller. You can just see her love for her little sister.