Thursday, January 3, 2013

day to day.

this new normal is hard. mainly bc i am not used to just.... sitting around. we'll get used to it, of course. schedule changes are hard no matter what its for.

i am going back to trying to do photo 365. i skipped 2012 (even though, i guarantee i only missed a few days between the dslr and camera on the phone).

i tried to do something different at first. i played with the macro a bit this week --

macro lashes1 macro oilandwaterSB4 macro oilandwater8 macro oilandwater7

the past couple of days have been filled with crafts, legos, silly photos with my UWA... dog bowls... lol

luckily, ASM are pretty quiet while R sleeps. which is nice bc R neeeeeds a good nap during the day to stay happy ;)

beg jan at home5
beg jan at home4

beg jan at home2


omg these were for aidan. she was DYING LAUGHING at her faces when i showed her.2013-01-03_002 2013-01-03_004
beg jan at home17 beg jan at home23 beg jan at home20

now while everything seems so... "normal", wednesday was interrupted by chemo. she had a vincristine appointment. aidan came with. :) which was fabulous bc reese was so giggly with her and showed the dr how awesome she really was feeling.

My helper today!! #aidkaid came with us to #chemointumorout #gingerfight #reesey #chemointumorout #sillygirls #reeselookslikeanoldman lol

we went over to my parents' house to pick M and S up... reese obviously missed her.
#sistersarethebestmedicine #smooch #reesey #millerpaige

some randoms from the week :)

#disneystore today! Thanks @1061kissfm for the #kissmaswish :) Last one for the night ;) #latenightsnack #reesey #gingerfight #homeiswherethehealthis My best friend #aidkaid Just an average #dinnertime with #lifewith4 Someone wants a #dietcoke with dinner lol #sawyergrace  #gotobedkid #millerpaige used to be the easy one #gotobedkid New hat from a sweet friend. I'm in love #reesey #gingerfight #reesey was tired I guess. #highchairnaptime #gingerfight
i asked sawyer to put on PJs and this is what she found. yes, she is sleeping in it. 
I told #sawyergrace to find #pjs #gotobedkid

and then, in normal skelte fashion, tonight we had a dance party :)

Let the #danceparties resume!!!! #aidkaid #readyfornap #gingerfight

so as it goes -- life goes on. there will, of course, continue to be ups and downs. but for today, we had fun. we messed up a clean house, we blasted music and watch reese shimmy those shoulders, the kids made me nuts (lol. hey, thats a constant normal sometimes), and we loved. we had fun. 

next week we have more vincristine. this weekend, we stay home or mask reese if we have to leave bc this is a "low" wkend for her blood count. but im sure we'll figure out something to do ;)


  1. Oh my goodness, so sweet! My favorite picture is of Reese kissing precious! There is nothing like the love between sisters! I hope that you adjust to your new "normal." I'm sure some days are more difficult than others....hang in there! I will be praying that this adjustment goes well. Praying for all of you! Keep taking it one day at a time!

  2. ♥ Seeing these and hearing things are in a somewhat normal or new normal I should say! Your photographs of the girls, your family make me smile.

  3. I love this post! Those UWA pics of Aiden...SO funny! <3

  4. Love how Miller is like, "Oh, me? I'm just playing with this dog bowl. No big deal." ;)

  5. I love your pictures! Glad to hear y'all had a good day, too. :)

  6. Randomed right in, and oh my heart. Wanted to drop something on your radar, just in case. Because I know if the tables were turned, I would be searching for ANYTHING in this world that would maybe help one iota with my sweet sweet baby. Anyway... do some research on diet and cancer, and how much what we eat affects our bodies and our healing. Crazy sexy diet (Kris Carr) has some good info that might serve as a springboard to find out more. Cancer loves sugar, and carbs, and conventional doctors (usually) aren't as apt to bring nutrition into the picture. Take care, hang in there, and I hope like crazy that baby girl of yours kicks this cancer to the curb. <3