Saturday, March 23, 2013

the bigs.

i've said before, we try to keep everything normal for aidan and sawyer. they are, obviously, going through a lot, too.

aidan more, i think - because she understands more. when EJ told her that reese's tumor was shrinking, i couldnt have imagined a more elated face. she has repeated the good news to me several times since -- she told sawyer the news, also.

this wkend, aidan had her 2nd dance competition :) friday evening, we headed down to downtown dallas and checked in for a fun filled night. we got to the room, fixed up her hair and makeup for the first dance, and then went to meet her teammates.

they did great!! even better score than the last competition! :D and she had a smile the entire time.

#aidkaid is ready!! #dancemom #aidkaid #dancemom #dancemom #aidkaid

we ran to denny's afterward (lol i couldnt find anywhere else closer, but dang she was hyped for eggs and pancakes and devoured them!) and headed to bed for a morning of convention classes.

aidan march dance1 aidan march dance2

she had warm up, tap, hip hop, ballet, and then jazz :)

#aidkaid #dancemom convention classes today 

2013-03-23_005 2013-03-23_004 aidan march dance9 2013-03-23_003 2013-03-23_001 2013-03-23_002 

what an awesome wkend.  i am so lucky to have my Dancer Strong family :)

on thursday, we had sawyer's "spring sing" and open house!!! it was so cute. but first we had to get ready.

aidan wanted her hair curly. and sawyer wanted hers straight (notice sawyer will change dresses as we went to target for new earrings and came out with a dress, too).

sawyer open house1 sawyer open house2 sawyer open house3 

before we left lol (meh, good odds on moods, i suppose) and then new earrings

Oh yay. Good moods from most of the crowd! On to open house for #sawyergrace  #aidkaid #millerpaige #reesey #asgoodasitgets New earrings. We see who the wild one is and who the conservative one is  #sawyergrace #aidkaid #ilivewithkesha  

we had a break between open house and sawyer's singing show so we hung out in the lobby for a bit. silly girls.

sawyer open house8
sawyer open house9 sawyer open house14 sawyer open house SB1 

wth? do i have teenagers?! ::cry::

tomorrow, EJ has a date with sawyer. i think they are going to lowe's (and that's what she wanted). lol we really do try to make sure that that kids have things that they can call their own. i feel like miller is left out of this post, but she is at *that* age --- oh, you photographers out there know -- when your kid hits over a year and then you can barely capture a good photo of them at ALL! i'll have to do some sort of lifestyle thing for her haha but she's just being miller - happy and funny.

other than that, nothing much going on this wkend. reese feels good and we're happy that she's home. chemo on tuesday. and for date watchers -- her next MRI is april 15th where we will look at the fluid (unless she acts weird beforehand).

thank you for every prayer. we are surrounded by love.


  1. what a doll miss aidan is! so precious :) sawyer's poses in those pics are fab! love ♥

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  3. Beautiful girls! I'm so glad that some things in life can continue on like normal. I think that's the best medicine for everyone! :) You are doing an amazing job, Amanda!