Tuesday, March 26, 2013

what kids do.

reese has been so... normal, lately. its so fun to see her do what she's "supposed" to be doing as an almost 3 year old.

except walking. yeah yeah... we're re-learning ;)

so this just a normal blog post. something similar to things id post 6 months ago.

daily happenings.

and i love it.

reese boot gameroom2 reese boot gameroom1

reese boot gameroom3
#bff #reesey #millerpaige #hairschmair Otb time!!! #hairschmair #reesey #gingerfight meeting with @lindsaysommeso :)))) and skyler and lila!!!
after m&c bath1 2013-03-26_001 after m&c bath3 2013-03-26_003 after m&c bath12 after m&c bath11
after m&c bath13


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  2. I found your blog through ILP. I just want you to know I enjoy seeing Reese's journey and how you are documenting it through photos. My almost three year old son was diagnosed with a heart defect at 18 months after many health issues. In 2012 the had two heart surgeries, a g-tube placed and many other procedures. As a photographer I too have photographed his entire journey. It helps me cope and I hope will someday help Apollo understand all that has happened in his toddlerhood. Best wishes, Renee.