Monday, April 1, 2013

sunny easter.

what a gorgeous weekend it was :) recently, EJ and i decided that during the evenings, we want to go on walks. so after dinner, we head out and just walk to the park with everyone, play for a few, and walk back. the kids just adore it.

march 29 park8 2013-03-29_002 march 29 park4

and so does EJ.

march 29 park dark1

#asrmpark13 #reesey #bff
we stayed away from a lot of public places this wkend in case reese's counts were low. on friday, we made rice eggs to play around with.
reese stuck them all down her shirt. lol


on saturday, EJ made the girls a tent with all the couch cushions lol it was a riot. they just kept going in and out... so fun.
couch tent1 2013-03-30_004 2013-03-30_003 2013-03-30_002 2013-03-30_005

sunday was easter -- my parents and matt came over for dinner :) (and a huge thank you to the sweet friend who made the girls these initial shirts. i LOVE them!!)

2013-04-01_001 2013-04-01_002

and another silly --- i walked into the room and sawyer "brushing reese's hair" - she said she even used detangler on it LOL i died.

#reesey is just getting her #hairschmair done by #sawyergrace lol I walked in and sawyer said she sprayed detangler on it, too!
reese thought it was fun, too, apparently. 
SR brush hair8bw SR brush hair3 SR brush hair5bw 2013-04-01_003

silly girls.

this weekend really has been awesome. its nice to just play around the house and see reese having fun with her sisters. and the weather puts everyone in good moods ;)

so here's a little IG recap, too (punkfictionv4) - you may notice reese walking (with help) with a cart in one of them (yeah yeah super blurry)!! that was today :)

#aidkaid and #reesey #sistersarethebestmedicine #mthoodprep2k13 #sawyergrace #sawyergrace on a #asrmpark13 day ❤ #asrmpark13 #millerpaige evolution of a stretch Blurry, but look who's walking with some help  #reesey #gingerfight


  1. Yay for nice weather and park days! And hip hip hooray for Reese taking a few steps!!!! Before you know it, she will be running around without a cart to help! Go Reese!

  2. Loved seeing all the pictures Amanda! And how adorable to see Sawyer brushing Reese's hair! lol

  3. that picture of Reesey in black and white is beautiful

  4. I love seeing that huge smile on Reese's face when getting her "hair" brushed.

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