Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the kitchen sink.

yesterday (tuesday) was exhausting.  i got aidan ready for school, then SRM ready, S to school by 9am, M went with my dad to my parent's house (like every tuesday), then R and i went to chemo/labs. vincristine only takes about 5 seconds to put into her body, but they can't order chemo til you get there.

so we had an appt at 10am. i was early, per the usual. we do temp/weight/BP and then we wait... ::yawn:: eventually reese fell asleep waiting.

#chemointumorout #reesey #gingerfight quick chemo and labs today ❤ We aren't even in for labs yet and she's asleep lol #booooooo
we finally got labs and vinc in and we left -- only to get a call when i was 90% up the tollway to say that the labs were weird. so i said i had to grab M and S from school early and i'd run to legacy children's for a re-check.  the kids were thrilled. //sarcasm
that set checked out fine and i made it just in time to pick up aidan at 3pm. we came home, got ready for A and S to go to dance and headed out the door again. i dropped them off, swapped with EJ, and made R and M dinner, bath, bed - and finally relaxed! (and then EJ and i did insanity lol but thats a whole other ballgame).

One more set of labs #booooooo and #reesey is not happy. #bathtime #bff #millerpaige #reesey ❤
reese's counts are on the UP now, so thats nice. she's been on cipro for the UTI since we left the hospital so i am hoping that has guarded her from any infection this month. 
today we had PT and the normal errands of school and dance and all that. reese was in a hilarious mood at PT --- annnnd she even wanted to take a "cheese" pic in the car ;)
#reesey #gingerfight at PT  go girl!! "Me pit'chur!" Lmao #reesey #cheesecheeseforreesey
this evening, i decided to be a little silly and give reese and miller sink baths... omg they had fun. reese never wanted to get out haha
2013-04-03_002 RM sink bath1 2013-04-03_001 2013-04-03_003 RM sink bath15 2013-04-03_004 RM sink bath9

thank you for every prayer -- reese feels so good. God is listening.

eta: if you are here for photography tips only ;) don't forget to check out my "try it thursday" post on Light Inspired, this week!


  1. God IS listening! Reese is too precious in that funny shower cap. And I love those pics of Miller! :) Reese looks amazing...I can see the healing!

  2. Love those babies!!! Precious pics!

  3. My God, I just love these! All the smiles, silly faces and love in each of them. Reesey looks amazing and all the girls are beautiful as always. You put all of us lazy Mommies to shame with how many awesome moments you capture daily even in all the busy day to day activities you do. I bow down to the master! And as always we are praying for your family ♥