Wednesday, May 8, 2013

holy catch up.

I hate not keeping up with blogging.

But i also love that we are so busy doing normal things that i dont have time ;)

this entry is full of fun. starting off with relay for life.

yet again, dancer strong and their family went above and beyond in reese's name. they had a walk team, raised money for RFL -- and reese got a medal (which she adores haha), we walked the survivor's lap, and met new friends while laughing all night with the old ones. such an amazing night.  everyone rocked their gingerfight tees and i teared up all night over the love.

relay for life3

relay for life8
2013-04-28_007 2013-04-28_002 2013-04-28_001 2013-04-28_003 2013-04-28_004

and then there was just hanging out -- the park after sawyer's soccer practice with miller made me giggle.
miller swing1 soccer swing2 soccer swing1

one morning aidan said she made reese breakfast.
um. this is not breakfast.
but look how happy reese is.
kitchen mac1

one night we decided to pack up and head to the splash park/sand beach one night. it was so fun. miller freaked out in excitement (and, uh, stood on her head 100 times lol) over the water. reese liked the sand more.
apr 29 beach7 2013-05-08_002 apr 29 beach1 apr 29 beach8 2013-05-08_001

photography tidbit: these next two are with the sun facing them. it twitches me out to do that, but i was too lazy to flip around til later. but you can see the difference.
apr 29 beach4 2013-05-08_003 2013-05-08_004 apr 29 beach19

at 7pm, they had a water show -- and you'll see the girls' reactions to that! they were amazed.
apr 29 beach26 apr 29 beach24 apr 29 beach25 2013-05-08_006 apr 29 beach29

apr 29 beach2 apr 29 beach31 apr 29 beach3


  1. What a lovely family. Thanks for sharing <3

    The Accidental Wallflower

  2. ahhh! Happiness! Great pics! And you hubby--BEST.DADDY.EVER! Reese looks so good! I die over her blue eyes! Her suit is so adorable! So happy you all are enjoying some happier times!

  3. Your family is beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  4. this is just the sweetest thing, you are making me want girl #4. reese looks freaking precious in that blue ruffle suit

  5. Some of these took my breath away in their cuteness. Beautiful!

  6. Your pictures make me want to cry happy tears. Those are four beautiful little ladies!

  7. I absolutely loved this post!! Happy tears are flowing for your family. All of your girls are absolutely beautiful!!

  8. Miller standing on her head made me laugh! So awesome of dance strong to put a team together for Reesey!

  9. These are so incredibly beautiful, Amanda.