Friday, June 21, 2013

rounding out june.

I have a few things I want to play catch up on. One of them is my birthday.

The girls were so excited for my birthday - they adore birthdays. They woke me up with cards and had told me, the night before, that they had a surprise make up and pedicure party planned! At first I thought "That's going to be such a mess." BUT then I realized how awesome my children are and how fun it would be and I wanted to document my own birthday part of the way that I do theirs! A friend had sent us funfetti cupcake mix and all the fixins to have a party, so I decided that my surprise to them would be cooking cupcakes as well.
  my birthday162013-05-29_004

First we made cupcakes.

While we waited for the cupcakes to bake, it was makeup time!!! I braced myself for a scary clown face, but she did awesome - even my mascara!

Sawyer brought out the dance-red lipstick while Aidan gave me nice purple toenails.

We went to check on the cupcakes - Reese came in to make sure she didn't miss a minute of cake time. my birthday14 my birthday17 my birthday15

We also got A and S bikes :D :D :D
2013-06-09_002 AS new bikes5 2013-06-09_004 AS new bikes7 2013-06-09_003 AS new bikes10 AS new bikes11 2013-06-09_001 AS new bikes15 AS new bikes14

and lastly, for this post... my oldest baby is growing up so fast. this year has proven that days fly by without even knowing it.

when i look at these pics from her graduation and the last day of school - i cannot believe how much she's grown up. how is it possible that i'll have TWO KIDS in elementary school!?
2013-06-20_002 2013-06-20_003 2013-06-20_004 2013-06-20_005 2013-06-20_006 2013-06-20_007 aidan LDOS kindy19

2013-06-20_010 2013-06-20_011 2013-06-20_012 2013-06-20_008

reese came with me on aidan's last day. swoon. the kids in aidan's class know all about her and just... sigh. love her.

aidan LDOS kindy24

look how happy she is!!!

2013-06-20_013 2013-06-20_014 aidan LDOS kindy31

oh mrs. G. i cant express my gratitude that God gave us such an amazing teacher for my sensitive little sweetheart during such a rough year. you know how to make aidan smile. you know when she's a little sad... you are THE best tooth puller (aidan's first AND second!!) and i hope we are blessed with you as sawyer's teacher next year.

i know i used to post IG pics, but it takes me so long to copy them overrrrr from flickr!! anyway, come follow - punkfictionv4 :)


  1. So beautiful! So thankful your sweet girl had an amazing teacher! Seeing Reesey so happy had me in tears! You all deserve the best!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! You are so lucky to have such sweet little girls :)

  3. Happy Belated Biirthday! Your girls will have wonderful memories of that day. I came late to the baby news too so congratulations! It could not happen to a better mom. You and EJ have enough happiness in your family to encompass many more children. No matter what happens, that may or may not turn our lives upside, is life. It doesn't have anything to do with who God chooses to put in our arms.


  4. Happy Belated Birthday! The girls will have wonderful memories of that day. And I came late to hear about the baby news. Congratulations and that was the best video I've seen to make that announcement. You and EJ have enough happiness in your family to encompass many more children. It doesn't matter what happens to turn our lives upside down, God chooses who he wants to place in our arms.