Friday, July 12, 2013

the meaning of summer.

sun. fireworks. bathing suits. and being lazy. that pretty much = summer, in my opinion.

splash park fun.

june 28 beach1 june 28 beach2 june 28 beach3

june 28 beach4 june 28 beach5
june 28 beach6
the 4th of july was so fun - first we went to the parade in downtown mckinney. the girls had a blast! that night we met up with family and friends and let the kids run around while we waited for the fireworks show. 
2013-07-10_001 2013-07-10_002 4th of july 2013-2 2013-07-10_003 4th of july 20133

today we had a lazy day in the gameroom. too hot for anything else. and reese's teeth are healing. (p.s. she feels really good. kinda whiny, but good overall. thank God.) those red marks you see on her chest are just tape marks or scars, fyi.

2013-07-12_001 7-12-13 gameroom3 2013-07-12_002 7-12-13 gameroom6 7-12-13 gameroom5 7-12-13 gameroom8 7-12-13 gameroom13 7-12-13 gameroom9 7-12-13 gameroom12 2013-07-12_003 7-12-13 gameroom15 7-12-13 gameroom14

see! happy post!!!

video on IG of miller (the laziest baby in town...) walking! haha as well as a reesey vampire pic!

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