Sunday, October 27, 2013

new memories.

the last 2 weeks or so have been so busy. right after the MRI, reese had an ear infection.

its funny bc i was just talking, on MRI night, to another brain tumor mom - and we had said we deserve "just an ear infection" lol since everything is so much bigger for us. its never "just" anything. but that wkend it was. and let me say - if i hadnt had an MRI on wednesday, i would have been absolutely (more) insane for the way she was acting.

even so, she slept the day away on friday and i called the onc nurses asking "is this normal?!?!" as if i am a first time mom. but her counts had already dropped and we expected fever. which she got friday night. EJ took her in, they did a chest x-ray to count out pneumonia (she had a cough, too), and then started up meds. when i got there saturday evening, she only felt a bit better. we swapped for the night and BOOM - sunday morning was a happy girl :D

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we spent last week running around to different appointments, liken normal. PT, OT, labs... we got her sized for a new AFO boot and also got her...
walker!! :))))


it'll be easier when she has her boot to brace her foot, but she really does think its nifty. for those looking, this is a rifton pacer. in hot pink. ;)

the rest of the week was pretty "normal". it was spirit week at school for A and S, dance classes, running errands, and then on friday aidan got "mav of the month" for her class - so we went up and cheered for her. :)

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THEN yesterday, we went to the pumpkin patch. last year, we had a sick baby. it was so weird bc i remember wanting so badly to DO those halloween things bc i had this weird feeling that i'd regret it. i can't explain it. this year, i just couldnt wait for her to have the fun that i knew she'd have.
and she did. as you can see, still a daddy's girl. but this year they actually picked out pumpkins (that she has been carrying around and even sleeping with lol). 
all the kids had a blast. until i tried to get them to take a pic together. snort. maybe next year.
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next up: costumes, praying for NO RAIN on halloween for scare on the square and ToTing, and gearing up for in-patient chemo again the first week of november.


  1. Reese's nail polish! What a little lady. And you just have to frame one of the last pics of all 4. It's a good memory for you all!!! :)

  2. Please don't take this wrong, howeverI am so glad to see not so perfect pics of your beautiful babies... I am envious of your camera and your amazing photography skills.. I read up on tips on your other blogs and maybe one day I will get there. I am so happy for you that this year you are getting to complete all those little things on your list, although normally I take for granted the "normal" moments as you say, but this year I am really taking the time to relish in it all and without your blog and without Reesey's story I don't know if the little things would get noticed. Thanks for writing about your details and letting me see that the little things are truly the things that matter!! Praying for you to have the "normal" mommy moments this holiday season and lots of sleep and comfort.