Friday, November 1, 2013

scare on the square and ToTing.

last year, i didnt post halloween photos until november. when things had settled down a bit (hardy har).

but this year, on november 1st, i am going to tell you about our super fun night :D

downtown mckinney is so much fun. we hung out at the dancer strong booth, aidan danced, sawyer ran around with friends, everyone played with reese and miller, and we all hung out and had a great time with great people.

costumes made by: Whimsical Wende
all headbands from: Miah Rhodes

and i hope you all like reese's stick on earrings :) she wants to have them pierced like A and S so bad - so aidan fixed her on up last night lol

2013 Halloween Night8 2013_halloween_SB_024 2013_halloween_SB_007 2013_halloween_SB_012 2013_halloween_SB_013 2013_halloween_SB_015 2013_halloween_SB_021 2013_halloween_SB_016 2013_halloween_SB_023 2013_halloween_SB_026 2013_halloween_SB_010 2013_halloween_SB_017 2013_halloween_SB_018 2013_halloween_SB_019 2013_halloween_SB_022 2013_halloween_SB_014 2013_halloween_SB_020 2013 Halloween Night3 2013_halloween_SB_004

2013 Halloween Night4
2013_halloween_SB_003 2013 Halloween Night55 2013_halloween_SB_009 2013_halloween_SB_008 2013_halloween_SB_006 2013_halloween_SB_005 2013_halloween_SB_011 2013_halloween_SB_002 2013 Halloween Night5 2013 Halloween Night6 2013_halloween_SB_001

i took the girls home, ate a quick dinner, put miller down to bed (she had had it lol), reese in PJs, and it was ToTing time!!

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reese handed out candy ;) and even got in her walker to do it!

2013 Halloween Night1

we went to bed and the only peep i heard from reese was her sweet hand on my cheek in the wee hours of morning saying "hi mommy!!" bc she wanted another ice water ;)

thank you for your texts and messages yesterday helping me remember that halloween isnt a day of sadness - its the day she started to get BETTER.

now on to thanksgiving…


  1. I love their costumes! They cutest girlies.:) I love the last picture...the cheerios, Reesey's blanket make it so lifestyle perfect.

  2. Their costumes are awesome! It's so nice to see pics of your adorable family. Your story has touched my heart and you guys are always in my thoughts.