Sunday, November 24, 2013

starting the holidays.

and so it begins. today we put up our tree :)


i have been sneaking christmas decorations up all around the house, here and there, but we have to keep it at a minimum bc of showings.

luckily, where we put our tree, is the perfect spot. so it works out well. the kids freaked out when they saw EJ bring the box out. let me tell you, the more "helpers" you have, the harder it is lol

(don't even comment on the random dog cage in my entryway lol its too cold for the garage - so then the laundry room - then we need that room… kill me)

tree set up all1 tree set up all2 tree set up reese1 tree set up reese2 tree set up miller2 tree set up reese3 tree set up miller1

our life has been pretty… normal.
  R feeding M1

i dont know if i mentioned before, but reese's ARD meeting is 12/2, but then she has chemo that week. so while i'd waive the 5 day waiting period, i think we'll just start PPCD in january. i mean, why not, right? won't it be fun to get 5 kids out of the house by 7:30am? ej takes A and S - and then i will take RMC with me to R's school. haha
S and R office1

we've been out of the house a lot while people peek into our lives and house for a few hours at a time. its annoying, but gotta do what we gotta do, right? no we arent moving far - we'll stay in town :) assuming well sell soon lol

i am getting more pregnant by the second. and by that i mean larger ;) 35 weeks tomorrow. ::yawn::

this week we'll be having thankgiving at my bro/sil's house. xmas tree lighting on friday, i think. saturday we have a lot of christmas things to do as well :D i can't wait!

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  1. at what point did joe turn into bob? holy moly!
    glad all is going well. Still working on a name for C - Fred maybe?