Monday, December 30, 2013

corbin rose.

i had some "fifth element" joke as my title, originally, but then changed my mind ;)

corbin is here. all 6lbs 15oz and 19.25" of her. a pint sized little cuddle bug.

she came into the world just looking around, like aidan did, barely fussing at all.

so we had made it. made it to HOME after reese was sick. made it through xmas.

and now i had a dr appointment on dec 26. i was miserable. last week, i wasnt dilated at all. zip. and then this week i was about 3-4cm. i was contracting, enough for me to do something in a week, i guess.  my dr was leaving town on friday and said i could go over to the hospital and see if i was doing anything worth monitoring. and if we needed to move things along, we could.

so i texted EJ "now or never." lol

i had reese and aidan with me at the dr, but took aidan to my parents house. ej grabbed reese's next IV meds, clothes, necessities, and met me in our room. reese was so ready ;) then she took a nap LOL

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they watched me have ctx on my own (and sometimes lack there of) and started me on fluids and said at about 3pm, we could start the pit, if i wanted. which i did. lol

reese and i shared an IV pole, mid afternoon.

corbin born5

we played and hung out. ej ate in front of me and reese stole his diet coke to taunt me with. lol

i got an epidural around, oh, 430pm? and then they were going to break my water. but when they checked me at 5pm or so - corbin's hand was on TOP of her head. lol so we had to wait til she moved it. they finally were able to break my water at about 6pm and i was 5-6cm. so not much movement. which isnt weird for me as i move fast at the end.

which this time was no different.

by 7pm i texted friends saying "holy shit i need more epi". the pressure was 0_o … omg… i hadnt really felt that kind of pressure with my other kids. they gave me a bit more epi meds to last me, but it went too fast after that.
corbin born9 2013-12-29_002

reese was there the whole time just hanging out, chatting, meowing at nurses, demanding more food, and not really understanding what was going on, but she sure was excited when corbin got here.

i pushed one big push, got her head out, they had me stop bc there was a bit of a cord wrap, and then after that - out she came at 7:22pm!
2013-12-29_004 corbin born25bw 2013-12-29_005 2013-12-29_006

it was all a bit different bc reese was there. its too much to have someone else do her IV meds, etc (which, btw, were due at 7:30pm) - so ej had prepped all that prior and was able to hook it up in no time while everyone was hustling around. it settled down quickly and it was just us in the room -- cuddling and introducing ourselves.

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2013-12-29_007 corbin born1clean

reese went to sleep soon after this, until we moved to a post partum room at about, oh, 10pm? and then ej left with her to get some sleep before the 3am med wake up.

and i was left for my favorite moments of life. just me and my baby. right after birth. when no one is around to chat or ask questions or poke and prod. just staring and smelling and feeding… sigh. i would seriously do the 24 hours of delivery/birth/after every single day of my life.


the next morning, ej got up early to run to get reese's port swapped out (it had been a week) and i waited for my parents to bring the other girls up to meet their newest sister.

2013-12-29_009 corbin born31

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and they were in love. just as i knew they would be. it was so amazing to see, again, another sister be added to their troop with ease. they cuddled. they hushed. they rubbed. just so enamored.

2013-12-29_010 2013-12-29_012 2013-12-29_011

and miller. omg miller. i have a vid on IG (punkfictionv4) of her not wanting to give corbin back to me - and that still stands. "i ho'd her!!!" she just wants to have her in her lap at any time. i was curious if she'd be jealous, but it seems as if she has taken on the sister role as well as the others have -- but i knew, as i watch her with reese day to day, that she was that way. she may be a spitfire of the highest order, but she is a caretaker.

corbin born reedit1 2013-12-29_013

then reese came back to hang out again. with her heart on her hand… waiting… as she had told me for months that THAT is where corbin would sleep. "on my heart…"

corbin born49
2013-12-29_022 corbin born52
2013-12-29_020 corbin born58bw

she looks like reese with her eyes closed, but has miller's eyes (lack of eyelid on top lol - like ej, too). but my oh my what a perfect mix.

2013-12-29_017 2013-12-29_015 2013-12-29_016 2013-12-29_018 2013-12-29_014 2013-12-29_019 corbin born3
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i am out of words on what to say about this week. i came home on saturday to normal life. our normal. our perfectly out of sorts and unscheduled normal. the kind of normal that took months to get used to. the same kind that i dont wish on other people, but was our lot in life. the kind of normal that makes me cry with tears of love and hope… worry and fear. i embrace it now, every day. and with corbin here, it all seems perfect. there are only wonderful things ahead - through valleys and mountains - the seven of us, surrounded by amazing friends, family, and prayers, will do it together.


  1. SO much love and light your way from my heart to yours! you inspire me daily in my own battles in this crazy wonderful life. you do it all with such grace, humor and strength.

    thank you.

  2. She is a beauty! And looks so much like EJ. Congratulations on adding another wonderful Skelte girl to your family.<3

  3. Welcome to the world Corbin :)
    You are so blessed, Mama to five sweet souls. Congrats to you and EJ.

  4. Your pictures and words made me cry! Maybe because it's still new enough for me that it's emotional {we just had our second a couple of months ago} and watching the older sibling{s} take on that role is just amazing. There's nothing like it. Watching that love for one another is just the best feeling in the world. <3 You are so incredibly blessed! :)