Thursday, January 9, 2014

2 weeks.

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i feel like time is flying by me. its insane.

i am stuck between so many things. i want time to go slowly, to have corbin be a newborn for a bit longer. i want it to be in the future where reese is healed and our "normal" is much more boring than it is now. i want march to never come bc i dont want this [working] chemo to end. i want corbin to grow up and play and interact with her sisters. 

so instead, i just… live, i guess. day to day. hour by hour, really. each day ends with us in bed with reese. sometimes i get into bed and she's zonked out completely. sometimes she barely wakes up and smiles and rubs my face and cuddles up. each night is interrupted by a hungry reese or corbin. each morning starts off, now, with me sneaking to the living room to feed corbin before the ruckus of the day begins.

now i have a 2 week old. 

last week, corbin was 6lbs 9oz, which was 3oz up from when we left the hospital. she sleeps amazingly well. generally wakes up every 4-5 hours at night, but ive had a couple nights of 11pm, 5am, 830am. all of that said, thats if she's co-sleeping with me. as of last night, i cut that out and got a rock n play. she slept horribly in the pack n play, but i knew the way the RNP was built, she'd love it. and she did. we'll see how tonight goes. 

she eats every 3-4 hours during the day - sometimes more of a cluster during the evenings. my boobs hurt unbelievably but im trucking on through bc i know in the end ill be happy that i did. 

so now ill just catch up on CR photos :) from one week and today. im pretty sure youll see that today she and miller had a fabulous time…

and that miller is a huge ham who is also growing up right before my dang eyes. and i cant stop it. but i love it, anyway.

corbin1weekold all5corbnewb1bw corb 8 days5bw corb 8 days6bw
corb 8 days7bw
corb 8 days8bw corb 8 days1 corb 8 days2 corb 8 days3 corbin2weeksold 2014-01-09_001 2014-01-09_002 2014-01-09_003 miller and 2week corbin17 2014-01-09_004 2014-01-09_005 2014-01-09_006 2014-01-09_007 miller and 2week corbin20bw 2014-01-09_008 2014-01-09_010

i am so blessed :)

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  1. Congratulations and enjoy!

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful! They are all beautiful. :)

  3. your babes are sincerely the sweetest, most precious wee girls ever. Blessings to you and your family this new year...