Friday, January 31, 2014

i'd call that busy.

oh man. last wkend was a busy one.

i should backtrack, first, and show you these adorable pics of reese and miller in our old bathtub. because at the end of the blog, we'll come full circle in the new one ;)

reese and miller jan bath1 2014-01-30_011 reese and miller jan bath2 2014-01-30_012 2014-01-30_013

reese and miller jan bath7

so. we moved. last week we spent tuesday/wednesday getting the house painted and clean. thursday moving, friday moving, sunday morning moving. (yes we hired movers on saturday, but EJ got a TON done on thursday and sunday - keeping that ridiculous mover cost per hour, down).
old house3 2014-01-30_009
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and in between that - from friday night to saturday night - aidan had dance competition.

i took corbin. who was an angel, of course, with us. we checked in friday night and had to wake up saturday morning at about 6am to be downstairs by 7:30am to start the convention classes. competition started at 330pm or so. aidan had 2 dances - one sweet lyrical and then a sassy dance :) they did awesome. i am so proud of them.

2014-01-30_003 2014 hollywood vibe7 2014-01-30_004 2014-01-30_005 2014-01-30_006 2014-01-30_007 2014 hollywood vibe19 2014 hollywood vibe20 2014-01-30_002 2014-01-30_001 2014 hollywood vibe25 2014 hollywood vibe26

this week, we've stayed up late unpacking, organizing, writing lists of things we need. hanging up clothes that didnt make it on a hanger. tossing MORE things into the donation pile...

but on monday, i learned something new about this house - when i heard WATER running in my bathroom.

"we wan' baff!!!"

and they had already started the process. (luckily its high lol they cant climb in, but geez, now we've blocked it off lol)

RM new bath1 new house bath RM2 new house bath RM3 new house bath RM4 2014-01-30_008

THEN we had chemo, this week. we went in tues afternoon, hung out with other little bald friends, and left wednesday morning. reese was a BEAR tuesday morning - and were told she had a double ear infection. luckily, we were there to get abx (and she's on them til mid feb). on thursday morning, we had to go into legacy to get a "quick" infusion of the second etop/vp16 dose. i took miller with us at first. ummm... it was not quick. my dad came and picked up miller before she exploded with "omg its naptime" -itis. lol

as an update, the oncs did talk about the last MRI (which we didnt get a call about) - it looked great! all the "ribbons" were gone and tumor just keeps looking smaller.

i had a few people ask me about the end of chemo - and i just wanted to touch on that a bit. march (maybe 1st wk of april) is her last chemo... for now. so what happens is we have an MRI in april (as already scheduled). that will be her baseline of "seeing how it looks" 3 months later. IDEALLY, whatever is left is just brain tissue scarring. and that in, then, july, nothing has changed. and then that nothing continues to change FOREVERRRR. :)

if something does change, for the worse, then we will deal with it then. if we see anything out of the ordinary at any time, we'll move the MRI up. but for now, we're praying that i can work up the courage to feel *happy* about chemo ending. and that God, alone, without chemo, will protect that head of hers from here on out. so that is my prayer request.

other than that, im going to try to plan ahead... instead of planning only for now. there's a lot of future of ahead of us.

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  1. Yay for tumor shrinking, chemo almost over, an awesome dance competition and being done with the move! I pray the tumor keeps on shrinking and you are able to unpack and make your house a home with your five beautiful blessings!

  2. There are a lot of missing front teeth in that dancing foursome!!!! Too cute.