Saturday, February 15, 2014

miller's birthday wkend and valentine's.

i feel like i havent blogged in so long, but really its just that so much has been going on.

miller turned 2. i love 2. and more so - i love miller at this age.

she is so funny. she learns a new sentence every day. she has caught on to the attitude of her sisters and emulates them perfectly. she is bossy. and loud. and has a horrible temper. she will throw things. she knows what she wants to wear and tells you. she is my "oldest" 2 year old, yet.

ETA: i forgot this adorable vid of her on her bday haha

miller twinkle star from amanda skelte on Vimeo.

"i luh lou". i love you, too, miller-miller.

she loves her sisters. but loves reese the most. and now corbin, as well. but reese and miller have a connection above any other.

where do you want to go today, miller? "starbups!!" because of her morning "while mom and reese are at chemo" dates with my dad.

anyway, i think most of these pics do her justice in explaining her personality.

her last pic being 1yo.

2nd bday miller1

we all woke her up on her birthday.

her bed head is so amazing.

2nd bday miller2 2nd bday miller4 2nd bday miller6 2014-02-06_002 2nd bday miller8 2014-02-06_001 2nd bday miller14

everyone else went to school and i got her some dunkin ;)

2nd bday miller15 2014-02-06_003 2nd bday miller16 2nd bday miller17 2014-02-06_006 2nd bday miller19 2014-02-06_005 2nd bday miller26

and she caused trouble on my desk.

2014-02-06_004 2nd bday miller27

reese and miller had a special cupcake date. reese loves helping us cook/bake anything. even if she doesnt get to eat the sugary goodness in the end ;)

miller had a bit of a freak out… because she wanted the cup that was ALREADY in her hand. ya know. like 2 year olds do. lol but licking the (egg free - we subbed applesauce) batter cheered her up.

2nd bday miller cupcakes1bw Miller 2nd Bday_019 Miller 2nd Bday_021 2nd bday miller cupcakes7 2nd bday miller cupcakes8 Miller 2nd Bday_020

my wonderful friend, pam, came in town last wkend :) it was so nice to have her here again to hang out, drink wine, gossip, etc. and of course pam is an awesome cook - i had a super small, 99% family party on sunday, for miller, and pam slaved away all day :)

(this pic makes me laugh since my bro is trying to copy sawyer's fake smile lol)

Miller 2nd Bday_001 Miller 2nd Bday_002 Miller 2nd Bday_003 Miller 2nd Bday_004 Miller 2nd Bday_005 miller 2nd party3bw Miller 2nd Bday_006

miller opened presents and loved all her new babydoll(s) and extras. she is such a little momma.

(and thats a dance costume that aidan has on haha)

Miller 2nd Bday_007 miller 2nd party23 miller 2nd party24 Miller 2nd Bday_008 Miller 2nd Bday_009 Miller 2nd Bday_010 Miller 2nd Bday_011 Miller 2nd Bday_012 Miller 2nd Bday_013 Miller 2nd Bday_015 Miller 2nd Bday_014 miller 2nd party1bw Miller 2nd Bday_016
miller 2nd party2
Miller 2nd Bday_017 Miller 2nd Bday_018

then there's valentine's :) my sweet valentine babies.

aidanvdaycard sawyervdaycard reesevdaycard

and then valentine's morning!!

corb 7 weeks1 valentine's morning mix1

ok - and in IG (punkfictionv4) drop :)

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  1. I love looking at your pictures! You have such a sweet family <3

  2. I love 2, it's my favorite, too! :) Happy B-day Miller!