Saturday, February 1, 2014

one month. corbin version.

i've written posts like this a few times.

miller version.
reese version.

corbin weighs, oh, maybe 7lbs? a little over 7lbs? i dont know the other stats. i go back at 2 months.

corbin one month-3text

she sleeps a lot of the day. or EATS. she likes to eat. my boobs feel better, thank you for asking.

corbin one month1

she wears newborn size, still, obviously. and has a bit of room to grow ;)

corbin one month2

at night, she's so awesome. i feed her before i go to bed - around 10/11pm or so. she sleeps til about 1:30am? (sometimes longer) and then again at 5am. then back to sleep til i need to feed her a bit before we do school drop offs. :)

corbin one month4

corbin is just an awesome baby. if she wants to cuddle, she's extremely happy in the sling. we spent all day at ikea in the sling. she sleeps, at night, in the rock and play, swaddled up, usually.


now at 5 weeks, its like she's always been here. i dont really remember the "before". maybe its because we're busy and she's just worked her way in so perfectly. but thinking "the last time i did _____, i was pregnant!" seems so odd lol

to rewind a bit from the last post about her:

corbin 3 weeks-1small corbin 3 weeks2

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  1. Awww I miss those days. My baby is over 1 now!

  2. Congrats on another beautiful girl!
    I came to see how Reese was doing and imagine my surprise :)

  3. Omg she looks so much like Miller's one month pictures! I loved how you linked to the Miller and Reese posts!