Sunday, February 23, 2014

the little things.

tonight sawyer came up behind me, while i was sitting on the floor. so i grabbed her and flipped her body over my shoulder and tickled the heck out of her. she wiggled on the ground in hysterics until we finally did it again.

reese wanted to try.

less than a year ago, i couldn't imagine doing things like this. i held her like something so delicate, then. But tonight she climbed up to standing, held on to my shoulders, and i flipped her over into my lap.

recently, reese crawled into the shower while it was on. she let her face get wet. let it splash on her head. she drew pictures on the steamy glass door. taking showers was reese's favorite thing in the world to do, before dx. it was her play time, her calming time, and then she hadnt taken one since.

shower all4

she takes steps with only holding our hands now, regularly. (vid on reese's FB page from my IG)

she does not cry, ever, when i drop her off at school. she happily goes to whatever sweet teacher snatches her up that day.

she is able to tell me actual stories, now. things that happened at school. she remembers things to tell me later - and spits them out, like word vomit, the second she gets into the car. "miss ma'shell no let me have my tape measures!" reese, i told you, they have to stay in your backpack! "yeah, school say no to me!"

and knowing that all of that probably happened hours before is what gets me so excited. its a huge deal, to me. i cried when EJ told me about reese getting into the shower. its the small things that get me from MRI to MRI without needing anxiety meds lol

"i wan' cuddle corbin!"
"i eat like a puppy?"
"uhhh no, mommy."
"go awaaaaay ____."
"another burp is coming!!"
"mac/cheese at sonic? noooo..."

every.tiny.phrase. i can hardly pick a favorite.

she knows when she is funny and when others are joking. she is aware of humor in the best type of way. so often i forget that she is GOING TO BE 4 YEARS OLD in may. omg. ::faint:: how did that happen? miller had a shirt on today that i have a photo of reese in right before halloween 2012. and yesterday she had on a dress that reese wore for her 2 year pics.

reese road3

how was she ever as small as miller?

i dont even know what this blogpost is for.

during the middle of writing this, i got distracted by "mommy?!" calls from upstairs. "i wan' cuddle mommy?" so i think i lost my train of thought. though while typing, i have enjoyed the trail of photos from before her hair was gone - and laugh about how she looks JUST like herself before 1 year old - when her hair hadnt come in yet. she hasnt changed at all.

yet so much else has.

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