Monday, February 3, 2014

when the weather was nice.

when it was 70degrees outside last friday, the girls played outside. all 5. corbin sat on a blanket by reese - then when there was too much ruckus, i moved sleepy corbin to the RNP on the patio. aidan and miller played on the swings. sawyer taught reese the duckface and peace sign.

it was perfect.

the giggles. ohhh the giggles coming from them made my week. within a few hours, the cold rolled through and by today, i was just happy we didnt get iced in this wkend.

i am so ready for this every day.

1-31-14 backyard3 1-31-14 backyard4 2014-02-03_001 1-31-14 backyard5 2014-02-03_005 1-31-14 backyard19 2014-02-03_003 2014-02-03_002 2014-02-03_004 1-31-14 backyard1bw 2014-02-03_006 1-31-14 backyard2


  1. your girls are so sweet! i can't wait for the warm weather here either.

  2. OH my goodness! All of those pics are precious but that last one is SOOO sweet! It would be perfect with C in there :)