Sunday, March 16, 2014

update from ICU.

i wasn't here until, like, 2pm. but here's the day, as i have been told ---

1. we are off dopamine. BP good.
2. we are off vasopressin. but its still lingering ;) her sodiums are okay, but low(er) for her. so we're swapping some saline out and we'll be good, i think, when she gets the vaso out of her system.
3. the infection is group A strep and her port was positive. no, i dont exactly what happened, but when i asked: "is this inside going to port? or outside germs going in?" the answer is likely some contamination going in at some point. i still need more clarification on this, obviously.
4. we switched to ampicillin.
5. her belly still hurts. i gotta figure out what is causing that. there could be 100 things, i guess.
6. she's as puffy as a stay-puft from all the (necessary) fluids.
7.  she ate 1/2 a cheese-cheese and some bites of chicken this afternoon/evening. woohoo.

so i am here tonight - she is still very tired. she has to heal.

aidan and sawyer came up with me when we swapped today. she was sad to see them leave and wanted to cuddle with aidan again.

there isn't a lot more to add, i guess. status quo for a while, i think.

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