Thursday, April 3, 2014

it is storming.

big storms out tonight. i am hoping we don't lose power! there was a tornado that touched down on the other side of town. everyone is asleep, though. aidan came down after a big thunder, scared, and reese is in our bed (not bc she was scared, but it was too loud to sleep), but now its all quiet.

this has been a super fun few weeks. no sarcasm. i feel like normally that would be sarcastic lol

reese finished up her at home IV abx last weekend. we spent the weekend being soccer parents and new home owners as we gardened in the front (the back is this weekend, if it will clear up).

i waited for tuesday labs - so get counts to see if reese could go to school and ::confetti:: she went wednesday, today, and will go tomorrow and she has been so happy. it really sets her into an awesome schedule and mood.

on tuesday, she had her last vincristine of this protocol. so much of it for the past 17 months. and now... no more. the last chemo is cisplatin and VP16.


im beginning to mourn her bald head. that sounds weird. but i rub it and kiss it all the time. same as i brushed her hair before it all fell out.

i knew her hair would grow back.

but this time, assuming we've killed her tumor, she'll never have a bald head again.

i should be happy about it, i know. and i am. luckily itll grow back slowly. slow enough for me to catch up with my ever-changing emotions.

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ALSO - a quick reminder :) i am loving all of the pics you are sending for reese's end of chemo. you still have a week or 2 at MOST left. or message me on reese's fb page.

i will be a flood of emotions over the next few weeks. deciding what to do this summer. planning for end of chemo stress. lots of spring events. im just trying to pace myself until our life's storm has also passed.

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  1. I smiled through this whole post... so happy for you and your family.