Tuesday, May 6, 2014

flowers and dance.

and other normal things.

i need to post some shots of sawyer that i love.
and some bluebonnet pics from early april.

sawyer yellow flowers9 2014-05-06_003 sawyer yellow flowers5 2014-05-06_001 sawyer yellow flowers7 2014-05-06_002 2014 bluebonnets4 2014 bluebonnets1 2014 bluebonnets9 2014 bluebonnets2 2014 bluebonnets7 2014 bluebonnets5 2014 bluebonnets8 2014 bluebonnets10

we had a dance competition this past wkend. and with that im going to IG. and also show you aidan's end of year vid i made! :D

DS mini company 2014 from amanda skelte on Vimeo.

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IG: punkfictionv4

other than that, we are good. ha. i kept reese home thurs, fri, mon, and today, but she's going back to school tomorrow. counts looks (seemingly) good. and she gets so sad when she starts to pack her backpack and then i tell her we arent going :(

she walks most places now - picking up her walker over bumps or edges, with ease. her legs tire easily, but its getting so much better. and she's getting faster!

i am thinking and planning for the summer and its... strange... to plan things as if reese is "normal" lol but im trying. maybe a dance class. maybe the gym. we'll see.

just catching up a bit tonight. photos i wanted to share that i forgot to before.


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