Sunday, May 25, 2014

party time.

may is so busy. end of year things for school, recital prep for dance, reese's birthday, my birthday, spring shoots.

reese's actual birthday date came and went, as i wasn't planning her party for that weekend… i regularly see a big girl forming where a toddler once was. one more year until kindergarten. the time reese has had her tumor has flown by. the 2.5 year old i had fall 2012 seems so distant. but i dont even know how we got to 4.

she pets my face in the mornings and kisses me on my nose. "i wan' go to the couch." and even though its 5:45am, i pack up my blanket, head to the couch, put on umizoomi and give her that time to wake up. "i wan' outta BED, mommy!" she wants "a different food" even after i just got her what she asked for. if she says "i dood it", she means it. and won't move on until you undo what you did so she can do it herself.

she's bossy. she's overflowing with love. she's cuddly. she can scream louder than anyone i know. she's sneaky. she's funny. she's determined. my monkey in the middle. sweet reesey.

the skelte set of grandparents were in town this wkend :) we had a good time - splash park, hanging here at the house, dinner for my own birthday (yesterday! yay me!), and then we decided to go ahead and have reese's party today. so many wonderful friends. so many laughs. so much love.

we are so blessed.

reese wanted a pink party. so thats what she got ;)

reese 4th bday_001 reese 4th bday_002

reese 4th bday_003
reese 4th bday_004 reese 4th bday_006 reese 4th bday_007 reese 4th bday_019 reese 4th bday_008 reese 4th bday_005 reese 4th bday_012 reese 4th bday_014 reese 4th bday_015
reese 4th bday_020
reese 4th bday_013 reese 4th bday_016 reese 4th bday_021 reese 4th bday_022 reese 4th bday_017 reese 4th bday_011 reese 4th bday_018 reese 4th bday_023 reese 4th bday_009 reese 4th bday_010 reese 4th bday_024
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sawyer spent most of the day upstairs entertaining several loved ones with her rendition of every frozen song. EJ was running around and i could never catch him on camera ;) several other special people some how avoided my camera, as well…. grrrr.

i had to unclench today and let reese *try* the cupcake she picked out (thomas the train lol). even though, in the end, she had like 5 licks and was over it. i guess thats what happens when you don't eat sugar, right? ha.

we got her a glo-fish tank for her birthday and set it up last night. this afternoon we went to the pet store and got a pink fish, purple fish, and 2 of those water frogs. she cuddled the bag the whole way home. she freaked out after we said we had to take them OUT of the bag and into the water (lol), but then ASRM *all* were so excited when they were finally swimming around.

this week has been funny. i have had such a swing of emotions. my last post unveiled a high level of anxiety that will be in my life forever. but then, i am able to watch her walk with only that cart. or cuddle with corbin. or laugh with sawyer. or cry to aidan. or fight with miller. all of it. and i can breathe again.

every day i remind myself that today is the day that we are awesome. today is the day that we make memories.

today we totally succeeded in both.

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet Reese, you are a gift from heaven above! May the Lord bless you abundantly, shine His face upon you and give you peace.

  2. You are such a great momma! This made smile & cry! Wishing Reesey and you the best of birthdays! Love the pics!

  3. I love that you got her the glowtank/fish. What an awesome gift! I bet she loved it.