Friday, May 2, 2014

some sort of routine.

my hands smell like baby lotion. the pink one. the kind that smells like… baby.

we grilled hot dogs and burgers tonight outside. by the end of prep and cook time, miller was covered in yogurt, aidan and sawyer made up a came by duct taping spoons to paper plates and hitting a ball. and reese giggled and ate some goldfish out of some sort of newly found hoarding bag.

we ate dinner together, racing to eat the last grapes and strawberries, trading food, and running in to give napping corbin her paci.

aidan and miller took a bath, reese took a bath in another bathroom, and sawyer hid in the media room - her treat is to sleep there tonight.

after that, i chased a naked (almost) 4 year old around the room while she meowed and laughed about how naked she was. and then i rubbed her fat belly with lotion, put on her PJs, and tossed her into bed.

reese spent monday, tuesday, and wednesday at school. by thursday, i was worried about low counts (and we do not need a trip to the hospital this wkend), so she stayed home from school. we spent the days sitting around. reese, miller, and corbin. messes were made, giggles were had. reese likes to cook dinner with me. so she sits on the counter, while miller naps, and help me cut peppers or potatoes or whatever.

its been a good week. 

this would be normal - we normally have 3 weeks off from chemo after cisplatin/etop. so things feel as if they should be. but theres some sort of light. hope. and healing. i want miller and corbin play. miller will get reese her walker. reese has figured out, now, how to get up without knocking it over. she grabs in the middle, on the bar, and pulls up. they argue and fight like sisters should. we all cuddle on the couch. or wrestle.

anyway. i dont know why i blogged tonight. but while i am here - remember that this month is brain tumor awareness month. i am aware. you are aware.

we want everyone to be.

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  1. You're family is a beacon of light, hope and strength during a time that would be terrifying for most. My grandfather passed away from a brain tumor when I was just 5 years old. My memories of him are faint, but from the stories I hear he was an amazing man. I sometimes get sad thinking that he doesnt know the adult me, or my husband, my neice and nephew who he would have loved. I am aware of brain tumors and the hurt they cause families. My dad still is mourning the loss of his dad 25 years later. I have followed you from almost the beginning, a stranger silently praying for you and your sweet Reese. Its strange how you feel like you know someone you have never met, I tell co workers about her, I have cried for her, and rejoyced in her awesome milestones! I still check in often and follow on instagram and facebook. I just wanted you to know how great you are at making people aware! You are a great Mama and a great family!!! I pray for only great things for your family in the future! Thank you!

  2. I so agree with Breanna Walsh. I too watch, look over your news feeds and so forth,pray and think of you often. I love that you blogged a typical lovely day in your family, I am glad that the prayers are working and you are slowly slipping into what will be a "normal routine". I know you must be terrified but remember, He new the plans for you before he placed you in your mothers womb, along with he new you were the perfect mommy for Reese :) Be blessed beautiful woman, because you sure do bless those of us that read your life story unfold :)