Sunday, May 18, 2014

the weight.

sometimes when i am driving, i think of something horrible and i can't breathe. my chest feels heavy and then sometimes i cry… to release. sometimes i don't.

i have spent the past few days staring at her eyes, wondering if bad arm is still going good, making sure she is walking normally.

its exhausting. 

i have no one to blame but myself, i suppose. i do it when things are going well. its like perceived reality slaps me in the face. not actual reality, of course - because everything has been so amazing lately.

last week, for the first time i can remember, i was able to carry corbin in her bucket seat and walk next to reese into lunch.  i can't carry the bucket AND reese. but this time we didnt have to go through the drive-through. we got to walk in, sit down, and eat lunch together. it was wonderful.

10296783_798855936791265_1150124952_n 916522_561380490641653_114783624_n 10349637_1551964021697147_2048721793_n

we are at that point in the year that starts to get crazy. dance recital is at the end of the month, school is ending (and as for M, already), i have been trying to go to the gym in the mornings as much as i can. reese goes to school every morning, minus tuesdays, which are labs. tomorrow she has labs from her port - which we havent accessed since the last chemo.

10326450_297250373766422_756371628_n 10311055_772243146140479_1237289183_n 926459_233015953558663_657066942_n

…tuesday would have been another chemo. but it won't be. it'll be labs.

and then i'll worry again. in between the shrieking giggles. the meow-meows. the surprise kisses on the cheek when i get her out of the car. the running in place that she does by moving her arms really fast. wanting to "cook eggs!!" with me every day. staying awake from nap until i lay her on my chest and she can't resist a quick sleep.

10362293_1414186048860757_1140600741_n 10299634_304115183081449_2145020954_n 891341_659158094163600_946004614_n 10401703_1418213878455158_879402021_n 914702_702093849855195_1512473633_n

all of those moments - make every chest pounding fear subside. eventually.

pray that i relax. please. pray that every day is only better and better. 


  1. I will pray for your heart, and I hope that you will soon find peace and comfort, and not fear, anxiety or uncertainty.

    "The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace." (Psalm 29:11)

    - Mel

  2. Also, in the four picture collage of Miller, I love the upper right photo of her "duck face". It is absolutely adorable and so precious!