Friday, June 13, 2014

catching up with corbin.

poor baby 5. #kidding


tonight at dinner, i was eating and she was nom'ing on my hand and i realized she had two teeth poking through. TWO. and i had no idea. she has been a super bad sleeper for the past week or so, but not in my wildest dreams did i think it would be because of teeth. i have never had a kid with a tooth before 7 months, at least!

I should get to posting pics. ya know, since i haven't posted her weekly/monthly pics since 3 months old ::oops::

at 4 months old they said she weighed 8lbs 15oz. :)

i bet now, at over 5 months, she weighs 10? maybe a bit over that? we'll see at the end of this month at her 6mo appt.

she wears size 1 diapers. sometimes a 2 if thats near. hell, sometimes a 5 if thats the closest ;)

she wears 0-3mon clothes!

she can roll both ways. she likes being on her belly.

she is an alright sleeper. i dont really know how often she wakes up at night bc i just put her on the boob. but maybe twice (when she's not sneakily teething...).

she's happy. she doesnt like to be held like a baby, though. she likes for you to hold her up. so she can be a part of everything.

she giggles and coos and tries to talk. she loves her hands. like, a lot. she still sleeps swaddled, but will sleep unswaddled sometimes. its not a necessity - its just easier lol

ok. lets go. starting from 14 weeks til NOW! :)

C 14 weeks-7wordsfinal 2014-04-06_002 C 14 weeks2 2014-04-06_003 2014-04-06_001 C 14 weeks4 C 15weeks-1words C 16weeks1 corbin 4 months1words corbin 4 months2 2014-05-13_012 2014-05-13_013 corbin 4 months7 corbin 19 weekswords1 corbin 20 weeks-6words corbin 20 weeks1 2014-05-16_001 corbin 20 weeks2 corbin 20 weeks5 corbin 5 months2words corbin 5 months1 blog june_062 corbin 5 months3 corbin 5 months7

corbin 23 weeks-1words
corbin 24 weekswords blog june_061 blog june_060

oh corbs. thanks for being so awesome.

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  1. Where did you get Corbin's swimsuit?! It's so adorable! She's soo cute and tiny. My daughter just had her 4 month appt and she weighs 15 lbs :-)