Friday, June 20, 2014

in summer.

almost exactly 2 years ago, i posted this blog. thats how summer is supposed to be.


and that is how tonight was.

[these are all taken with my nikon AW110 waterproof camera. this year, i actually spent my birthday money on me. and it has been the perfect pocket-sized addition to our summer.]

june 20 pool1 june 20 pool2 blog june pool_001 june 20 pool6 blog june pool_003 blog june pool_002 june 20 pool11 blog june pool_004 june 20 pool14 june 20 pool15 june 20 pool16

and then one from the other night…

day 1 aidan1

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  1. I've never seen Reese with hair! I found your blog on ILP after her diagnosis. My son (almost the exact same age as Reese) spent Halloween 2012 at Texas Children's Hospital recovering from his second heart surgery in 8 months. My other children waited and worried at our home in Washington state. I have never been through cancer with a child, but I HAVE logged many hours/days/nights in the hospital with my Apollo.