Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of july weekend.

what a fun weekend.

since the last MRI, i have had more times of peace… fun. happiness. and less time spent watching eyes and worrying about the future. 

we did the regular 4th of july things. we went to the parade, swimming, hanging out with friends. it was a fabulous time.

***this first set of pics are with the underwater point and shoot - hence the reason they are a bit soft lol. and generally not as good. but let me tell you - nothing is more freeing than not checking your bag 100x for fear you lost your big girl camera ;)

p&s 4th of july1 2014 4th of july_005 2014 4th of july_007 p&s 4th of july16 2014 4th of july_006 2014 4th of july_008 p&s 4th of july5 2014 4th of july_009 2014 4th of july_010

i have tried to be in the pics, lately. even just selfies that make my kids laugh.

hope you noticed miller's ear protection ;) she does not like loud noises at all - so this helped a ton.

***the pics from here on out are DSLR pics.

we set up camp, like we have for the past few years, only a new location. we turned on music, got out food, and waited for the city of mckinney to light up the sky.

2014 4th of july_001 2014 4th of july_002 4th of july 2014 DSLR10 2014 4th of july_003 4th of july 2014 DSLR8 4th of july 2014 DSLR13 4th of july 2014 DSLR14 2014 4th of july_004 4th of july 2014 DSLR19

then last night, my sweet aidan rode a 2 wheeler. all by herself. she is so "safe". riding without training wheels is a huge deal for everyone, but its taken a long time for her to gain the confidence.

but now… NOW she is a rockstar on a bike!

aidan 2 wheels1

today we had no plans. we got moving late, we went to grab some things for the beach next week, and then came home for nap time. at some point today we decided to go to the lake.

what a good decision it was.

we were not there long, but its such a short trip that all the giggles make the prep worth it.

2014 4th of july_020 2014 4th of july_016 7-6-2014 lake6 2014 4th of july_017 7-6-2014 lake3 2014 4th of july_015 7-6-2014 lake27 2014 4th of july_012 7-6-2014 lake11 2014 4th of july_014 7-6-2014 lake19 2014 4th of july_013 7-6-2014 lake23 7-6-2014 lake24 2014 4th of july_019 2014 4th of july_018 7-6-2014 lake25 7-6-2014 lake34 2014 4th of july_011 7-6-2014 lake35

as you can see, miller decided to take her bathing suit off. and she did, in fact, have panties on underneath because… why not, right?

i like to write these posts. i like to write posts that aren't filled with sadness. or medical terminology.

that being said, i am pretty sure i accidentally scheduled her port flush for next week and i need to change that to this week. tuesday.

she hates tuesdays. 

but it should be quick and easy.

hopefully its always easy.

its funny how i call these days easy. when, years ago, i would have thought them nightmares. i see people float through life without knowing the difference. that's okay.

i consider us the lucky ones.

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