Tuesday, July 1, 2014

making memories.

EJ got a weber. for no other reason than it supposedly cooks better than the big grill.

i think he is right.

going outside and grilling is one of our favorite things. its been a "cool" summer so far. high 80's/low 90's. so playing on the playset has burned memories of giggles into my brain. we color with chalk, make muffins and bring them outside to picnic, we set up the sprinkler and watch them run through in some sort of invented game. i take selfies with the girls.

the door to the house opens and closes a dozen times. we holler about "air-conditioning the outside!!" and making sure popsicles stay on the patio and not on the carpet. i tell miller to put my diet coke down and for sawyer to stop stealing aidan's swing. on and on.

but its all worth it.

on saturday evening, we decided to pack it up and go to the allen fireworks.

…and i am so glad we did. it was amazing. before we left, we quickly packed up a cooler, snacks, the strollers, chairs, everything. laid out a blanket and waited hours for fireworks. the kids ran around, reese made EJ make a sonic run (lol. she needed a cheese-cheese, or 2), and then it got dark. miller was scared of the noise, but i covered her ears and she was, then, all smiles. reese laughed at the booms, aidan and sawyer shrieked with excitement, and corbin just stared… not a peep from her.

sometimes, its hard to have 5 kids. it can be logistically hard to do things. but we always do them, when we make the time to make memories, it's like there was no other choice.

again, i've been on a point and shoot kick. so these are from that camera again.

p&s june bbq1 p&s june bbq2 junebbq6 junebbq4 p&s june bbq10 junebbq5 junebbq2 junebbq1 junebbq3 p&s june bbq19 allen fireworks_001 p&s allen fireworks4 allen fireworks_004 p&s allen fireworks10 allen fireworks_003 allen fireworks_005 p&s allen fireworks13 allen fireworks_002 p&s allen fireworks17

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