Monday, September 8, 2014

miller's haircut and FDOS.

we had to do it. it was time to cut miller's mullet off. school was starting and it was just... time. so macy came over to hack off the back. this is the earliest we've ever given a first haircut. unless you count reese's during brain surgery...

miller haircut6 miller haircut-4 miller haircut1 miller haircut-7 miller haircut9 miller haircut-10 miller haircut-3

then i figured everyone else should get a trim :)

miller haircut2 miller haircut-13 miller haircut-16 miller haircut-15 miller haircut19

last week, wednesday, miller started school. she wasn't nervous, she didn't cry. we met up w our friends for before school pics. miller and her friend millie :) in the same class. then she said goodbye to me and la dee da. that was it.

she's so independent and awesome and really you have to meet miller to grasp the coolness that she brings. but for 2 days a week, i let her spread that coolness around ;)

she's been about 80% potty trained for months 0_o but that last 20% is the "meh, i dont feel like it..." percentage. lol so she went to school in a diaper. in about 2-3 weeks, im sending her in panties only and i am sure she'll be fine. i just need the "OMG NO TIME TO PEE ON THE POTTY!!" to wear off from school.

miller 2014 FDOS1 miller 2014 FDOS-2 miller 2014 FDOS-5 miller 2014 FDOS9 miller 2014 FDOS-10 miller 2014 FDOS12 miller 2014 FDOS-13 miller 2014 FDOS-21 miller 2014 FDOS-24 miller 2014 FDOS-26 miller 2014 FDOS-28 miller 2014 FDOS-30

she doesn't sleep there, but i pick her up early so then i can go get reese right after - where miller promptly falls asleep.

reese has been loving school. the full days are long, but she has been staying awake, mostly ;) its a big adjustment for her to be on the go all day long.

sawyer and aidan love their school days - no complaints from them. so far so good. dance has started up again and so we are back in that groove.

a simple blog tonight. i like it.

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