Friday, December 5, 2014

sunny days.

the other day was gorgeous. like 75 degrees outside. we played on bikes, roller skates, and scooters. we started putting up christmas lights and finished winterizing our flowerbeds. i put a blanket on the grass for the kids to watch EJ rake leaves.

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aidan helmet laugh2 aidan helmet laugh1 corbin judging1

i laid with miller for a while looking at the sky. she was finding animals in the clouds. "thats an elephant stompin'!!" eventually reese came over, laid down, and wanted to know what we were looking at. she found the moon in the still-bright sky.

saturday aidan, sawyer, and reese all danced with our studio in the downtown mckinney home for the holidays celebration. it was so fun to watch them all :) aidan is so talented. i may be a bias mother, but i think she's just so wonderful to watch. sawyer has so much spunk while she dances - you can see it all over her face the whole time. reese melted us all as she did her dance w her friends. her first performance. i brought her out after she danced and walked her in front of our family in friends who all clapped for her once more. then we watched "the sisters" do their dances and i swooned over my own children again.

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we walked around downtown trying to find a place to eat with no luck on sitting down as a family of 7, unless we wanted to wait over an hour. so we grabbed a pizza from a shop down there and sat at the tables they had all over the square.

mckinney texas lifestyle photographer gingersnap photographs_0377 mckinney texas lifestyle photographer gingersnap photographs_0378 mckinney texas lifestyle photographer gingersnap photographs_0376 mckinney texas lifestyle photographer gingersnap photographs_0375 2014 home for the holidays1

the week itself has been pretty normal. endo appt for reese, dance classes for all. tonight EJ took aidan and sawyer to the daddy/daughter movie date night at the school. they are, of course, playing frozen - something that started out as a blanket and PJ party apparently turned into a dance party within mins of the opening songs.

so i put corbin to bed and then set miller and reese up in the media room to do the same thing.

cuddle and watch frozen.

media room1

even if it turned out the same way - with dancing and singing ;)

media room2

we are approaching her MRI date quickly (the 15th). the next week is filled with things to do. normal things. school and dance and fun. on friday the 12th, EJ and i are live interviewing for the children's radiothon and i am SO EXCITED and so nervous at the same time. then the countdown to that monday will come - i will repeat to myself close to a thousand times that "worrying does nothing. it helps nothing. it only steals the good moments." and i will pray for another stable scan. that MRI will take us through the holidays, through all of winter. after this scan (hopefully.) says stable - that will be 8mo off of chemo. it is the first MRI after her port was taken out. it just seems so... big.

but my fluffy headed smoocher is doing so well. she walks with such purpose - even trying to run. she uses "bad arm" and loves to show me how big she can make sure hand and then how quickly she can open and shut it. she is stubborn and funny. "i need you. i need a hug." can turn any day into an amazing one. she talks so much (at all hours of the day - even the middle of the night! lol) and its so fun to watch her be her.

this wkend, if there is good weather, we will finish our outdoor xmas lights :) we have 2 parties to go to for friends of aidan. we have christmas shopping to do. we have craft making and cooking to do.

and cuddling. and looking at the clouds to find more animals.

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