Tuesday, February 3, 2015

time passes.

time passes and we are still doing the same thing. i realized i had not blogged in a few weeks and i thought "well so much has happened..."

but really, no. an ER fever trip here, a dance competition there. trips to ikea or to chemo. and while all very significant, each moment important by itself, and in line with our daily lives, its like time just whisks by and i move on to the next thing without much appreciation for what was.

i sat down to look at the photos i had taken over the past few weeks. so many wonderful moments that i rarely even edited. i don't know if i am just not motivated right now, but it just felt tasking. then tonight, i felt the need to get it all done. i am overwhelmed with other things and editing and uploading each photo felt like a check mark on a to-do list.

gingerfight laugh1

we had one trip to the ER a week ago sunday. "raging ear infection" is what they said. aidan came with, per reese's request. she is such an angel to her sister. reese asks for aidan when she's sad and they have a very special bond.

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reese and aidan in bed1

i watched aidan shine this weekend at her dance competition. i told her we weren't getting a hotel and were just going to drive in early and she nearly lost her mind on that idea (lol). her favorite thing is to get a hotel and just spend the night with me. no one else. and so, with some help of a friend, we got a quick room across the street from convention/competition and we got to just relax and play.

10859961_1441217399501923_1714231445_n 10946566_798092870269313_1687475557_n 10838605_590644461067141_966539108_n

i love watching her do all of her dances. i love watching her try her hardest at convention. they won 3 golds and 1st place for junior small group (their tap). i am so proud of the girl that she has become. her heart is bigger than life.

aidan HV1 aidan HV2 aidan HV3 aidan HV4 aidan HV5 aidan HV6 aidan HV7

miller turns 3 this week and that seems mind-boggling to me in a few ways. 1. how has it been 3 years? and 2. i feel like she's been a 3 year old for 18 months haha

she is funny. she is sassy. she is smart. beyond smart. she talks so much. and she is reese's bff.

R and M couch cuddle1
10957372_939851392693354_317301111_n 10946378_1575719622641369_823249839_n 10963910_768670669888696_41545042_n
but tonight, reese is in sawyer's room. reese went to bed alone and then came out of her room only to be scooped up by the whispers of "tell mom you want to come in here...". i say okay and know the almost immediately, reese will be snug as a bug in sawyer's bed with her dozens of blankets. sawyer shares her "chloe" and reese will feel totally safe.

laundry basket1

writing this blog has lifted my stress-filled heart. because none of the things i was worried about matter. corbin took her first REAL steps today. not stumbles that ended up with a lean forward, but meaningful steps toward her sister. tomorrow, we will have school, ill make dinner, we'll go to dance. another day will pass with moments that seem insignificant at the time, but as time passes, and i look back, its easy to see that each second has a purpose.

10946565_787668354646894_2075094965_n 10953562_329597470571146_275084899_n 10838632_780904325318092_580358582_n 10932463_844911188922103_1051629688_n 1538560_340312172824562_418618091_n
my goal for this week is to take note. to remember that the love that the girls have for each other is compounding and important with every breath. that every errand we do, every chemo we go to, every hug that we squeeze. its all intertwined into our story. nothing left out. and that the stress of each day should leave with the morning and not return.

because "miller, wash my back?" will only be said for so long.

all ASRMC bath1

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  1. You have an amazing way with words and the love you feel for your family jumps off the page. Truly an inspiration.

    I have copied your last paragraph as my daily reminder. It really speaks to me as a mom. Great words to live by. Thank you.