Sunday, March 22, 2015

always tomorrow.

there are certain things you do that are stupid. unkind. vindictive.

there are things that seem hilarious when you type them, but forget there is someone on the other side of the computer. or that it will get to their ears at work or school.

sometimes emotions, pain, sadness run more rampant than common sense does and you do things you wish you hadn't.

that's okay. because tomorrow is a new day. 

what if we were all judged by our worst day? what would that say about you? what would people at school or dance class or church say about you if they only saw your worst moments?

that you're a hypocrite? that you are a faker? terrible, huh?

it may seem like you have no chance to change people's minds or to redeem yourself, but that's okay - because you don't need them to change their minds when God already knows your heart.

I have spent a lot of time trying to clean out the bad that I have that comes in - trying to separate myself from someone who I was before. Someone rude and mean. Someone that people thought was absolutely hilarious most of the time, but sadly it was sometimes at others' expense.

and I am sorry. 

The only thing I can do now is live my life how I want to show others.

I am not a hypocrite because I bible journal, I am learning new ways to read the word and share with others.
I am not a hypocrite because I don't want to get into drama, I am trying to live differently and make choices that I didn't before.
I am not a hypocrite because of things I did yesterday, last month, a year ago, but I am simply changing.

a wonderful and life inspiring friend texted me today "Please Lord let me never be judged by my worst, but how He transformed my life". indeed.

you don't have to be one bit religious to know that today is all we are guaranteed and that tomorrow is a new day. a new day to be organized, lose weight, try harder at work, or simply just take your words more seriously.

it is an incredible gift to feel the want to show people that you can change yourself from the inside out. it is not self righteous to know you fail and to start over again. this could be for anything that you try to do and fail at. Be confident that the next time, you will succeed. And, well, if you don't, I will be there reminding you that there's another tomorrow to try again.

In church this morning, our sermon was about sin (I know more than one person out there is saying "wait isn't every church sermon about sin?" lol) but that grace is there because we do sin. and it's nice to know that it is not like earthly grace - which seems to be something that is taken very lightly. people are forgiven and then hated, loved and then tortured within the same breath. hypocrisy = irrelevance to those around you - and that isn't what anyone wants to be. no one wants to feel as if their life, the choices they make, the way they make people feel their life seems is irrelevant.

I am so sad when I hear my friends be hurt by others online or treated by other moms at the preschool, people who go to work and feel talked about or even just those who've others have made feel lonely. I feel terrible that I used to be that sort of person, not caring about others' feelings. hopefully there will be a time where other people remember that their tomorrow... is today.

It is okay to change. That is what we're called to do. Embrace it.



  1. Exactly what I needed to read! I saw a meme earlier this morning that said... When people are trying to change their life, the worst thing young can do is constantly bring up the past.
    Some people are so invested in holding on to that pov... Maybe seeing someone grow threatens them. But we can only keep trying our best.

  2. <3 You are an amazing person, I'm honored to watch you grow as a person, and the fact that you want to make some changes which will allow you to spread more of the good kind person you truly are is awesome. <3

  3. Literally sitting at work reading this, feeling bad because someone refuses to simply be kind. The level of kind that would only take a second. A smile, a hello. Just extending that much to another human being would make them feel welcome, cared for, a part of the group. Instead of unwanted, disliked and shut out.
    Your words were comforting today! To know that others feel the same, and people can realize how they affect others and extend that smile or 'hello'. <3 thanks

  4. It's wonderful to see how God is at work in your life; thank you for sharing!