Sunday, August 2, 2015

summer babble.

MRI is Tuesday.

I believe it will be good. It has to be. School starts in a couple of weeks and I will have a 3rd grader, 2nd grader, and kindergartner.

I emailed the principal this morning to ask for a recess aide for reese for a bit, while she get acclimated to the playground and while kids get used to her boundaries. It is hard for a very excited 5 year old to be the tiniest in the class, have an AFO boot, and also be blind in one eye ;) She emailed back this afternoon that all of that would be fine. and then I could breathe a bit. It was one of the only things that I was actually nervous about -- her finagling her away around a playground that she's never been on. At her last school, she did it wonderfully, but she had more time.

We purchased lunch boxes a few weeks back - all from different locations. I ordered my planet box lunch box and then the PBK bento for lunches that will inevitably start amazing and end with 3 compartments of goldfish and grapes. lol

There is so much amazing potential for this year - for all of the kids. Aidan has such exciting things going on with her GT classes at school. She has hours and hours of dance a week and even a solo in the works for this year's comp season. Sawyer has a 504 in place to get her the help she needs for reading and I can't wait to see her thrive. She has started some swimming lessons and wants to take that further - so who knows. Reese is going into her kindy screener so much smarter than I ever could have imagined. I pray daily that her teacher is patient and loving. That she takes the time to let reese process and answer the questions, day to day. I pray that my kids feel confident at school and ready to take on each day.

This summer has flown by. After vacation, we have had swimming and dance and chemo and appointments. We spent a night in waco cheering EJ on while he did his triathlon. We lost our sweet kitty, punky, about 2 weeks ago :( I got her for my 21st birthday. A gift to myself. She was years of amazing and funny and sassy and loved my babies like I do. It was hard, but today we decided to adopt a new cat from the shelter. Our hearts are broken, but our new baby makes the kids smile. It will take a while for her to adjust to the dogs, though, so we need to do that very slowly. She has her own small space right now and see how it goes w introductions in a bit.

The rest of the summer depends on Tuesday. We live MRI to MRI and the while the in between is filled with excitement and love, these scans are always there.... waiting...

I need to find first day of school dresses.
I need to write out the fall dance schedule where anyone can read it.
I need to get folders ready for things I need to sign or do for school.

I need to trust that all will be okay. This post is full of babble, sorry about that. I will try to sound more profound on another day. Today is just... things I need to remind myself, I guess.


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