Monday, October 24, 2016

another october.

I received the best compliment the other day. "Your kids are all so different and you let each one of them be who they are..."

I like to think that I do that, but to hear it from someone else just made my heart swell. I have had Reese's ARD and parent teacher conferences these past few days and it really never gets old hearing how awesome your kids are. No matter the accommodations made, test scores that fluctuate, whatever it may be - they make me proud by being good friends, hard workers, and letting their nerdy/sassy/silly freak flags fly.

Tomorrow Reese has another MRI. We have been on vinblastine for something like 95? weeks. I don't know, but this will be like the 7th MRI just on this protocol alone. I always sort of secretly laugh when someone says that they opted out of a CT or MRI for their kid's big fall or what not because of "possible radiation!!!" and here Reese will be, again tomorrow, sitting in that MRI for 2 hours - but don't worry, she has been counting down for a week at least. She still loves "going to bubblegum" so much and honestly just can't believe that its MRI *and* taco tuesday tomorrow. Best day ever, she said. I agree. Or rather, I will agree when we get stable results.

On the house front, I am pretty settled overall. We are slowly hanging things on the wall, getting new prints, still purging things that I thought I may want to keep, but actually don't. I need to get a porch set of some sort so I can sit outside and drink my coffee as the fall rolls in and blows all the leaves off of my trees for EJ to rake... (lol). and more rugs... I always need more rugs. so link me those!

As always, prayers loved and wanted wished for.


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