Monday, October 17, 2016

time passes.

I really can't believe that it is October. and also that I haven't blogged here since July. This is the first time (and last time) in years that this has happened and it's almost because there's not much to report.

But then again, here I am sitting in my new house because we moved, after sending my kids to school to a new year that I didn't post about, and coming up on yet another MRI. We went to Colorado on an amazing trip with friends, we had a dance convention in Oklahoma, and the tiny details in between are a laundry list long because, well, a lot can happen in 3 months... I wish I had written it all down here, though.

Live and learn.

Reese is feeling awesome. First grade is amazing and she is learning so much and seemingly catching on a bit quicker than last year. We are in somewhere of 95 or so weeks of vinblastine... no real side effects at all and it seems so surreal that we've been on this journey for almost 4 years. Reese graduated from PT at school today (officially friday when she has her yearly ARD). The therapist remind me what the goals of her first ARD was.... "to get off of a chair on her own". ha. She couldn't even walk... but now, graduating. She still has OT and speech and adaptive PE if needed, but overall, there's nothing more they need to do on their end.

Aidan and Sawyer are both on dance company and in 4th/3rd grade. Aidan's favorite things are her GT classes. Sawyer's would be math, I think. and wherever she can socialize. They both went to Oklahoma for dance and rocked my socks off with their smiles and talent. Aidan was a scholarship finalist for her age group and she was so proud of herself.

Miller and Corbin are both in gymnastics preschool and loving it. 2 days a week I actually have time alone - which, by the way, I hadn't had since Aidan was born. I have had a baby at home with me every single time I sent another off to preschool, but not this time. It was a strange thing at first, but I seem to fill the days with everything that I forget otherwise and by the time it is pick up, I feel as if time has flown.

Aidan, Sawyer, Reese and I drove to Colorado (trail west) for a retreat with our wonderful friends Samantha, Avery, and AJ. The pictures should sum it up nicely, but it was just a great time in the outdoors appreciating all that God had made. We jeeped, we zip lined, we rode horses, we sang songs and played games. We laughed a lot and ate a lot and overall just had a smiley good time.

While I was in Colorado, putzing during nap time on the internet, I sent EJ a link to a house. Long story short: he looked, he liked, we sold to a friend wanting our floor plan, we bought, we moved, we are here. We have only been living here a week and it is seriously a dream come true. I loved my old house, but we bought historic this time and it has so much character and life inside. The kids are just in love as well - which makes it that much better. I am like 85% put together on the inside of this new place and so that keeps me at peace.

I guess this is more of an informational post... I need to post the pics and get out of here and work on things I really want to say for my next post. MRI a week from tomorrow.

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