Monday, April 24, 2017


sort of.

So my custom domain is not linking correctly even though I own it all, but my blog is - so while its been literally like 4 months (cry. seriously cry), the only way I can update really quickly is with some photos first. I have been doing 365 since Jan 1 and it really changes the way I look at some days.

At the end of January, I posted on Reese's FB page that her tumor was smaller. The meds were working, the tumor shrunk, and onward we went. Tuesday is another MRI. Reese has said to me 100 times "are you so ready for Tuesday, mommy??" because she is so excited to go. I am hoping she has some sort of premonition that its going to be a great day.

If you have followed at all on IG (, then you'd know we've been filled with dance competitions, filled with Annie for recital at the end of May, filled with school projects and productions... We went to galveston with our very best friends, took bluebonnet pics, cried, laughed, had girl fights between sisters, went out to dinners downtown, played on bikes, and everything else in between.

beach pics below... :D

This is the first time in a while that I feel like "I am so busy right now" and then at the same time I don't know if I have done anything except take kids to places they need to go (haha). This weekend Reese and I went to the Texas Children's Cancer Fund gala again - this year, reese was a survivor/alum. She wore the *poof*iest dress (her favorite donut dress from her birthday last year), she got her hair, make up, and nails done with Miss Texas, danced with me for half the night. These are the moments... these are the times that seem like just another fun thing to do, but that she talks about for days later. Then, when she sees another pic, she'll relive it all over again.

I will have more epic posts soon. That aren't all pics and catching up and things. Another school year is coming to a close soon and that is just mind-boggling to me. I don't know how I can have a 5th grader - let alone a 4th, 2nd, and Kindergartener, too.

So for today, prayers for a wonderful MRI would be lovely. The rest of the week is dance, a model call for A and M, more dance, talent show tryouts for A and S, school pics and an easter party for M and C, soccer practice, PT for A's foot that is in a boot, trying to make homemade dinners every night (thats my goal for the week), one last ISD meeting on friday, and editing. Always that, too.

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