Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October again.

School has started. The temperatures have dipped into the 60's a few times. And now we are almost at 6 years since Reese was diagnosed.

6 years ago Reese was puking sometimes, bad arm wasn't any better, and she we spent most of the month in and out of an ER or urgent care getting abx that make no sense and obviously did not help.

Today, however, we woke up late because we slept so well last night. We meandered to school and then did doc on demand for Sawyer who has a sore throat. Corbin is taking a nap and that either means 1. she is sick, too or, more likely 2. that she spent half of the night pretending to be asleep, but really quietly playing in her bed with dolls.

This past weekend, we went to downtown's Oktoberfest with Brittany and Allison. Rides, Mexican food, cotton candy, walking miles in a circle to see the booths... it was a wonderful time. Having all of the kids run around can be crazy, but when we get home and they sugar crash and tell me that it was the best night ever - I don't mind.

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