Wednesday, September 17, 2008


sigh. the allergies are killing us. EJ can barely sleep at night bc they are so bad. and this is of course after spending hundreds of freaking dollars on air purifiers for the house. now, they do work. the house feels so much better, but no - they didn't solve the problem.

today has been pretty lazy. I cleaned the kitchen and the bedroom and started some more laundry. ya know i can't believe if i dont do laundry one day how much it piles up. luckily i have time in the afternoon to do it everyday where aidan isn't taking the clothes out of the clean pile while im folding them. she always seems to want to put them on. lol.

aidan has been a riot lately. she's a funny kid in general, but now that she knows basically every animal noise or face that we do for the animal - anywhere is game for an outburst of sounds lol going outside is now something we do a million times a day. we go for walks everyday, too. we actually have to spell "outside" bc she will run for the door when we say it if we aren't ready yet :) sawyer slept for 5 hr stretches last night. what a dream. this is getting easier by the day!

ok. that is all. i think ill clean some more and plan dinner :)

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  1. I have to do the same thing for "outside" with my dog ;)...just wait til she can spell!