Wednesday, November 7, 2012

wonder woman.

for halloween, each of the girls was a super hero: aidan - batgirl. sawyer - super girl. miller - spider girl.

and reese - wonder woman.

fitting, eh?

they had capes, masks, and tutus. there was a lot of drama surrounding my etsy purchase that i never received and Superkid Capes saved the day and sent them to me asap.

ASM put their costumes on without a problem. but for reese, i barely got the tutu on and then tossed the cape behind her in the stroller bc she wasn't having it.

i brought that cape to the hospital the other day. i hung it from the IV tree to show everyone who she really is - my wonder woman.


the night before last was rough for reese. her sodium levels got so low that EJ horrifically endured watching her seize for almost 10 mins. 10 terrible minutes of his baby not even having control of her own body. when i got to the hospital yesterday morning -- EJ told me what happened - he didnt wake me up at 3am to tell me and make me not sleep the rest of the night. the CT scan that they then did after her seizure showed no damage and on keppra she went.


we watched her lay there yesterday, not really doing anything. giving her 3% sodium hoping the numbers rose. EJ went off for his shift at home, took the A and S to dance and dinner (M was with my parents) and let them bunk in his bed for the night.

his FB status last night: The girls are making cards for their sister. We prayed at dinner that reesey get better. Aidan wanted to know when she was coming home and I had to tell her that the doctors are doing everything they can to let her come home soon. Then, on the way home, sawyer said a prayer for reesey too, all on her own. They are going to snuggle up with me tonight.

EJ sent this to me. He took #aidkaid and #sawyergrace out to dinner #otb #quesoislife

last night for me was alright. we had given her 23% sodium earlier in the day and her numbers got higher, then 3% continual - they started to drop again and with one more bam of 23%, they skyrocketed back to normal range. where they have stayed all day. thankfully.

#prayersforreesey #powerofprayer for a good night  love you #reesey

i have to let myself be happy about those little things. or the "one step back" will overcome my "two steps forward" and then where would i be? (in the pic below, she was just laying there rubbing her lay-lee between her fingers).


she has been having physical therapy as well, since yesterday. she has a boot on her foot (the one without an IV) every 2 hours for 2 hours as to prevent "foot drop" bc its just sitting there... relaxed.


today she was put into a little foam chair thing (that i know she loved bc it was like a carseat haha) and they just stretched her little body parts. i am sure it felt fabulous. and she got to drink some pediasure ;) i know THAT was awesome bc they took her bottle all night last night bc of a liquid restriction.


i left to go pick the other kids up for my night at home and EJ had the best news!! reese sat up all by herself - AND ate 3 chicken nuggets!! i can't tell you how elated i was/am :) its the little things, right? and seeing her with her "nap" (napkin) and nugs in a bag made me teary seeing my little reesey come back to us slowly.


we also "closed" her drain today... which meant that since this morning, she has been draining her own brain fluid... ::sigh of relief:: and since that was the main reason for the surgery -- to make a path... this is so amazing. we'll see how tonight goes, but so far, her brain pressure is still staying in the normal range.

i miss my baby at home. running around town tonight with ASM was tough. every song on the radio reminded me of reese's booty shaking dance moves. i cant even scroll past "call me maybe" or ill cry - as reese hollers the title out in excitement when it comes on.

(pic below from yesterday)

i can't wait to put on some lmfao pandora and dance with her soon.


  1. Praying for your superhero girls- all of them!

  2. SUPER WOMAN! <3 her and glad to see her feeling a little more like herself. =)

  3. Bless your precious family!! Glad to see your little wonder woman bouncing back a bit! Continual prayers and air hugs to all!

  4. Amanda, I just love reading all the great and positive and healing news! Praise the Lord! Continuing to pray for you all. I added Reesey to our church prayer list, so know that hundreds more prayers will reach heaven on Reesey's behalf. Mighty is the Lord!

  5. truly truly wonder woman! i just adore her. we pray for her and you all often! i was curious...would you mind sharing what you tell her is going on? i often wonder what these kids who go through these things are thinking. are they scared, confused, or just numb to all feeling due to the meds, etc. i've just been wondering if she asks or wonders what is happening and what you tell her. you don't need to respond, but i've just been thinking a lot about her and wondering what has been going through that sweet little head of hers. i say this to kk every night before bed and now i'll say it to you and your sweet baby "God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you, may He be gracious to you, show you His favor, and give you peace." love to you all! xoxo

  6. God Bless all of your family. Wonder Woman, indeed. I teared up reading about eating her chicken nuggets, and tears streamed down my face as I saw your pictures of her sweet face. I prayed with my little Caroline (2.5) tonight about Reesey before she went to bed. Stay strong, and keep praying!

  7. I pray her nights go smoother and that soon she will be back to singing Call Me Maybe at the top of her wonder woman lungs. XOXO

  8. So glad to see her feeling a little better. Praying for you!

  9. Amazing update! You are all super women (and man). I'll keeping about her.

  10. You are an amazing mom, and EJ and amazing dad!!

    You guys will be in my prayers until Reese is at 110 percent!!!


  11. she is amazing. as is your whole family. call me maybe is a fantastic song of course she'd want to dance to it. :)

  12. She is a blessed baby! Such strong will to live, that is totally inspiring to live! She will be out of this very soon, do you know why? Because she really is a wonder womman. Be proud to be her Mom and Daddy. She is a lesson for all of us. Today, I definitely have a whole different perspective of my life and its purpose. I will fight every single day for my happiness, health, and literally not even considering what a little issue is... because life is more than issues, problems, difficulties. Life means to be strong, to be loved and loving, to fight every second for a smile of happiness. Life is love, such a thing that nobody in this world is able to survive without it. And right now this is all she need, and you guys are doing it perfectly. God bless you all and Reese in special! She is in my prayers from now on!