Friday, September 2, 2011

mason jars and sneaky reese.

wednesday, aidan and sawyer helped themselves to some cereal. knock off cereal. lol i rarely buy them the "real" stuff when it comes to crap sugar filled cereal. not for any other reason than it *annoys* me to pay full price for cinnamon toast crunch or something like that.

anyway, reese got into it as well.

"wait. can i eat this?"
cereal sneak1

cereal sneak SB

later, i tried to put a clip in her hair.
hair clip SB

surprisingly, it stayed in all evening!!
hair clip3

we also got this... well, put it together. this is the blackboard that EJ and i made for the gender thing. which was just chalkboard paint on a board and EJ made a frame.

at target, they have those date/days of the week sets. so i adhered it to the board. then, we did letter stuff - which, when school starts next week - we'll do their "letters of the week" :)

chalkboard sb

also, i dont remember when i did these? tuesday? garlic cream cheese and chicken puffs -
garlic cc chicken SB


garlic powder, shredded chicken, some cream cheese. put into rollups :)

thursday 17 week belly shot.
17 weeks2

and today. what we did with mason jars :)
mason jar SB

i put candy corn and a candle in one set. and then in the 2nd set i did fake flowers :) i did some for aidan's room, too! so easy and fun.


  1. lol, I love Reese's face in the middle one. She looks like she just hit the jackpot. I saw those puffs on pinterest, and they looked so good!

  2. I was gonna say, if you or EJ made those crayon/apple/glue thingies, we're through ;)

  3. Love your blog! I just found it from your comment on mine (six stechers). I'm feeling kind of inadequate now, and I'm off to try to take done amazing pictures and whip up some delicious looking food in my spare time. Congrats on baby girl #4. We get all of the same comments about trying for a boy. Ugh! I LOVE having all girls!! Looking forward to checking your blog out more :).

  4. haha shawna! thanks for stopping by!!

    we are big on everything pinterest right now - without it, i wouldnt have any recipes to try lol

    and crafts? well, we've had a long summer :twitch: and preschool starts next week :clap: so we're biding time with fun things!