Monday, March 31, 2014

the pop-up carnival.

a friend mentioned tea-cups of death. as a joke.

i got so excited, i couldnt contain it.

i texted EJ immediately and told him that i had to take the bigs to the tiny carnival, in plano, that showed up in a parking lot overnight.

aidan had a party on friday. i had a shoot on sat. but yesterday... gorgeous sun, not too chilly.

i knew sawyer would love every ride - and i thought aidan would puke. but despite her original grimace, 2 mins into the swings and she was hooked. they went about 8 times. the man running it kept letting them stay on. the girls were so excited. they would tell the other kids how fun it was and not to be scared. their thrill was the reason i knew i'd love so many pics from last night... pure child excitement.

AS carnival4 AS carnival2 AS carnival1 2014-03-31_003 2014-03-31_004 2014-03-31_001 2014-03-31_002 AS carnival5 AS carnival38 2014-03-31_008 2014-03-31_009 AS carnival35 2014-03-31_011 AS carnival42

AS carnival43
2014-03-31_010 2014-03-31_015 AS carnival48 2014-03-31_013 2014-03-31_012 2014-03-31_014 2014-03-31_007 2014-03-31_017 2014-03-31_006 AS carnival12 AS carnival14 2014-03-31_005 AS carnival17 2014-03-31_016 AS carnival57


  1. This makes my heart happy!! Not just the fact that your photos are GORGEOUS!! But the fact that your girls are sisters to the fullest. It's beautiful.

  2. OMG that black and white on the swing with their arms up in the air…..PERFECTION!

  3. Wos amazing photos. I love the second photo. Did they really tell lots of secrets or were they pretending?

  4. Man, all of these photos are soo gorgeous!! You are such a talented photographer. I know they are your daughters, but you really capture their relationship and their feelings. I love these! :)

  5. Beautiful pictures!! These will be the type of "TBT" pictures that will be SO cherished! Sawyer's jean short/tank/cowboy boot outfit? LOVE!! What a little fashionisita...gorgeous girlies!