Thursday, May 28, 2015


It has not been much of a spring here. The rain has been insane. I am sick of running to the car because I did my hair that day and wanted to actually look nice and not slightly curly. I got rain boots for my birthday, though, which means it will likely stop raining soon.

The highlight of the month was of course reese turning five. 


That is so old.

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There are a few ages that seem "old" to me. 5 is one of them. Going to kindergarten is a huge anxiety point for me, but I know she is in good hands. There is an IEP, of course, set up for all of the questions I would have and the concerns that keep me up at night - so as long as they stay the course (and she gets a wonderfully compatible teacher), then we are golden. 

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5 brings so much independence. Everything that surrounds reese is "I do it myself". Well go on with your bad self ;) I am proud of her. 

We had a quiet birthday for her. I brought her ice cream at school, which she adored. We gave her presents here at home. It was nice. We had just had the make a wish party a few weeks ago, so I was wanting just a low-key time. 

We are all in the end-of-year spin. Miller had her last day of school, last week, and for that I am so sad. She has been blessed w such amazing teachers that I don't know what next year will bring. Recital is coming up this weekend - 4/5 of my sweet babies will be in it and my heart will likely burst. I have been planning this for the summer - volleyball, VBS, swimming, dance...

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(look at the FIRST day of school. omg)

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Daily, though, it is a lot of the same. Tuesday chemo, but the rest of the week is school and dance and running from rain. I always feel like there's not much to update, but then a random fever pops up and to the ER we go. Last night, EJ was with reese until 1am down at legacy for a fever. It is what it is and now she'll sleep off the cold. 

Today we had Sawyer's 504 meeting for ADHD. She did not qualify for the dyslexia program, but here's how that goes - she has a lot of accommodations, next year, for the rest of her things that will help her. She has preferential seating, oral responses on work if needed, graces with spelling and handwriting, breaks when needed, chunking assignments in class so she doesn't get too much at once, etc etc. the list goes on. She still gets tier 3 pullouts and tutoring during the week and if within the first 6w she doesn't improve or look like she will improve, then they'll do a full FIE for her. Our developmental doc still wants her to go to scottish rite for their dyslexia testing to bring to the school (the wait for an appt is months long, though), so we'll have that, too, eventually. I left the meeting feeling so much better than I went in. I carried my folder of facts and history on her, armed with the ability to dispute or defend. In the end, I am still nervous about 2nd grade, but I only need to get her through 6w - and then we can see how things are. She'll get the teacher whose expertise is reading and I can meet w/ her before school starts. This summer, we'll be working on Lexia, to help remediate at home. They said she is "their 911" so I am choosing to trust them and believe it will all work out. My sweet girl is in good hands.

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So that's where we are. I will be underwater with dance for the next 3 days and I cannot wait. It is my favorite time of the year.

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